Monday, November 8

Making a difference TOGETHER

Last Oct. 28, Diageo Phils., Inc. (DPI), held our Stat Plan in Palms, Alabang with a theme, "Making a difference TOGETHER". The Strat Plan is conducted every year to prep us all in the coming F10, to be more engaged, more focused, and a team who can deliver targets!

The session started with a teamcoding and a cheer. Each activity collects points, and a team that gather the highest points, wins the game. See below photos of the event:

Stephan, our Supply Director, and Erwin, my boss, QA Manager, take pride in presenting our F09 wins.
Rara ah ah ah, Mama ah ah ah! Genius! - Patty and friends cheer.

Charade, but with a twist! Null, void, alone? can't foget Pat's guess (not in the pic).

The rest is just vanity pic, lol, below, I'm forced to discuss our team's strat on the Quality Improvements.
Our team involvement in the sessions, that is picture taking ;)

The entire Diageo Phils. supply team!
Phil, our photog here, keeps teasing, and I can't help my poses! Hahaha

QA Team Pose and Fierce camwhoring :) Pat, Cha, Ken, Ces, and me!

Guys, thanks for checking out, for any suggestions, or violent reactions, let me know.
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