Monday, November 8

Making a difference TOGETHER

Last Oct. 28, Diageo Phils., Inc. (DPI), held our Stat Plan in Palms, Alabang with a theme, "Making a difference TOGETHER". The Strat Plan is conducted every year to prep us all in the coming F10, to be more engaged, more focused, and a team who can deliver targets!

The session started with a teamcoding and a cheer. Each activity collects points, and a team that gather the highest points, wins the game. See below photos of the event:

Stephan, our Supply Director, and Erwin, my boss, QA Manager, take pride in presenting our F09 wins.
Rara ah ah ah, Mama ah ah ah! Genius! - Patty and friends cheer.

Charade, but with a twist! Null, void, alone? can't foget Pat's guess (not in the pic).

The rest is just vanity pic, lol, below, I'm forced to discuss our team's strat on the Quality Improvements.
Our team involvement in the sessions, that is picture taking ;)

The entire Diageo Phils. supply team!
Phil, our photog here, keeps teasing, and I can't help my poses! Hahaha

QA Team Pose and Fierce camwhoring :) Pat, Cha, Ken, Ces, and me!

Guys, thanks for checking out, for any suggestions, or violent reactions, let me know.
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H&M Openshoot
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Saturday, October 16

XLR8 Reinvented

I lived nearby malls, thus every stroll I had it's almost impossible for me not to notice every bit of difference in it. One store, I've recognized a familiar album cover, and it's look like a Kpop group on its display, well, my reaction another copy cat.

Until last 2 months ago, after finishing my fashion styling course, Stylist Argie called and asked if I can collaborate styling XLR8, then I ask who? Who are they? Am I already that lost or so out? Then Arg explained, and discussed hurriedly. Why not? Right, This is my 3rd styling stint after graduation, and styling is a challenge this time.

I came then, and was quite surprised how very kind, and very respectful they are. Very mannered, and very energetic. We had 4 lay outs to prep, meaning thats 32 changes, 32 wardrobes, 32 headaches.... Wow, that is so challenging, I think, bring it on!

The 1st set is formal, very black and gray from their single inspired extension look. Then I thought, this could be not happening, I don't want them to look same, and very waiter-inspired look. Discussed with Argie, and with the organizer that maybe we can make it very hip and cool but very different from their usual looks. Agreed! next lay out is very clean, commercial, white look, very CK, very easy. Then off to the 3rd and to the 4th. 4th looks is my and Argie's favorite, where we played our own direction, and how we want to style this group, we called this free-styling. In the end, it made me realize, that they are not just a bunch of kids yeah maybe with talent, but with those looks, energy, and yes very raw talent that inspires others, fans, and want to emulate them... I say then, never never be to judgy again.

I'm so proud, and happy with the final lay outs. The shots are extremely to die for, and artistically done.

Check it guys, and I called this Reinvented - new, different looks with fierce!


Photography : Darrel Pobre
Styling : Jear De Mc Cuttac + Argie Salango
Grooming : Nanan Villalba + Anton Padtu + Mycke Summers
Assisted : Ronan Espadero
Logistics : Archie Crisologo

Stylista Jear

Monday, October 11

Fashion Wars

Prior to Fashion Week, I had a great time styling 3 models for an upcoming Fashion Wars Openshoot teaser. Pax got to syle the girls, and me for the boys. The concept was very fall/autumn, with very runway look with a very distinct styling for very formal to very casual direction.

The Openshoot will be on Oct 23-24, 2010, held at Calibre Studio in Makati City. A pre-lunch Party will be celebrated on Oct 12 at VIP in Timog.

I've really prepared for this shoot, after somehow knowing that MJ's shoot usually is a hyped one, alot of people really are going in this shoot.

Pax and I agreed to maximize our resources and really worked on more research for more looks and concept on the upcoming openshoot.

How do I feel and think about all of this stuff? For One, I need to really keep updating my sched - Oct 12: VIP Prelunch Fashion Wars Party; Oct 17: Little Red Riding Hood shoot; Oct 20: Rose's Wedding; Oct 23-24: Fashion Wars Openshoot; Oct 25-30 Philippines Fashion Week.

I think I need a break a little after which.... recharge, and contemplate for upcoming shoots.

Till here, and if you happen to read this, for suggestions, comments, please let me know.


Stylista Jear

Sunday, October 10


Wow, Been so long I've opened this account. Well, I'm back! It's my official account, and my commitment to push this love!

Guess what's up today! It's October 10, 2010, very popular the "10.10.10". It's my jumpstart day for my pursuit of love for fashion, anything from my photos, thoughts, and my styling stints.

Today, for one, just had a blast styling Seph, and Shai for an online vote of one of the major label here in the Philippines.

Happy viewing, and don't miss the captions below. This is just a sneak peak of more great things to come!


Stylista Jear

Friday, March 5

My 1st

It's my first blog... I wonder, what would I wanted to start with... I was once asked yesterday what's my goal in life, and what I can consider success, then I ponder.

I ponder hard, harder, and then I went black. I wanted to be a happy person, would that be a enough? Now, I think deep, then I realize that what would I really want in life? I sought for life has to offer - gym, muay thai, singing, dancing, or my love for fashion?

Then, yes! I am confident I love fashion... but isn't it too late for now? It might be too late now, but the heck with it, life just too short to worry. For now, I know I have love for fashion and what a best way to enjoy it is to live and have fun with it.

My blog is my baby, my theraphy, over a cup of green tea frap, spare of water cup, and an almond muffin to enjoy! This blog contains my previews, forecasts, my hypes, and me, me, me.

Be sure to drop by next time, more hypes to load!