Tuesday, May 29

Point Blank

One of the biggest trend this season is WHITE! To make this a little different, editorial, and very unique through treatment and subtle make up exaggeration in the eyes.  

I love Katchie Mejias because she can always transform my vision into reality!  I called for Ryan Sulit, our photographer here to do the shoot, and has his own interpretation of the said trend.

Check out our release in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section last April 28, 2012.  Ronaldo Arnaldo  PFW SS2012 collection here. 
We wanted it to make very easy, calming, serene, little sweet-sexy feel.  Sam sometimes looks like Solenn  here :) 
Thanks Golddot, Bosquejo and Diva! Also People are People, and Oxygen.
Love this ease and effortless poses!

Love this lace dress from Philip Rodriguez Fashion Watch SS2012

Photography: Ryan Sulit
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling associate: Bianca Sing
Hair: Nina Dumpa
Make Up: Katchie Mejias

Model: Sam of Elite

Sunday, May 27

BTS Lougee Shoot

Rox Puno, son of the famous ballader/heartrob in his generation Rico J. Puno, texted me if I'm free for a styling gig for Lougee, former vocalist of De Lara and Mojofly.   Of course, since I'm free plus the project seems so cool and exciting, I graced the request. Rox is so cool that does photography, and singing... watch out for his album as well coming soon! 
I love it! We have rack for the clothes, so pro lang!  Going early is such a relief, stylist can set up the place and strategically organize everything from clothes, shoes and accessories.

Good thing, Kaye brought some additional accessories.  Lesson: Always check the pullouts! :) 
Change of lips.  I requested the make up artist to change the lips to paler/nude to make it more tough and rock!  Its a practice to always do the testshot, to check lighting, make up, registration, even poses to find the best angle and fit that best represents the person, character, product, item, etc thru images. 
Ganda ni Lougee dito! :) Its more of image creation, where they wanted to feature different side of Lougee.
Rock, with alittle sophistication, and more kick ass!
I love the color contrast of pastel with the rock skull shirt! 
This is a complete shift, just to see range for Lougee's set.
Kaye rushing putting masking tape on the sole :) Gow Kaye!
Rox is trying to teach me the instagram, and posting my 1st pic, and he wanted to take one of himself! Lakas lang trip! Lols
Wait anongyare?
I wanted to see Kaye on heels! hahaha Game naman! 
Lougee playing around some shots :)  Coming soon, final layouts, sorry I can't post pa kasi :) 

Photography: Rox Puno
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Associate Styling: Kaye Awatin
MUA: Nilo Cruz

Friday, May 25

Quirky Bloggers - New Rev Models

I've started being a feeling blogger actually because of Aisa Ipac.  We used to be a classmate in Fashion Styling Class in Fashion Institute of the Philippines (Ortigas) under our mentor John Herrerra. I've been wanting to do a blogger story and inspired by Aisa and some bloggers who became the new rev-models in our times.  Check out some final layouts and additional ones.

Released today in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section C2, 25th May 2012.
 Louis Claparols SS2012 dress! Love the sheer and floral print.  Thanks Myth, and Ms. Ruby Gan.
 The top actually is a Speedo, one piece swimwear and I wanted to mixed it with a RTW clothes since its so versatile!
 Pax, aminin mo, pose mo to! Hair comb and hair fix lang! 
 I just love Catriona from IM Agency! She's half Filipino, half Aussie!

 Campaign lang ang dating.  
 Special thanks: Ensemble, Folded and Hung, Diva, Primadonna, and Speedo.

Photography: Darrel Pobre
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac + Kaye Awatin
Hair and makeup: Nina Dumpa 
Assisted: Bea Cuadron
Model: Catriona at IM Agency

Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa
City. For more information, call 5888888 or visit

Sunday, May 20

Sebago Shoes is LOVE

I've been pulling to Sebago Shoes because 1.  Marketing is very accommodating 2. The pull request is immediately coordinated 3.  I trust the product quality and design, lastly 4. Money value and its versatility.

I went to Sebago Rockwell to pull for one of my shoot, which I will not mention for you to get excited, but I am, and claim a free pair.  
They have great and different range of boatshoes for everyday use.  Colors and functionability is very crucial for me thus, if you wanna invest in shoes, get a Sebago.  I have my 1st pair and its been 6 months on me and still I can assure you its durability.
 Check out some suede and leather combos! 
 Thanks alot Kaye Awatin for the hi-res photos! Also, helping out what shoes to pick.  I love SLR now, but hey I can just use point and shoot.  
 Pick your colors!
 Kuya: Sir maganda talaga to, at malakas makaporma, plus its our new collection.  Me: 0917 4709389?  Lols, bakit number agad binigay! Kidding!
 I try it on.  I have 2 pairs of boots to choose, all in brown but the cuts and the material is different.
 I tried a smaller and bigger size as well.  Help Tip: In buying shoes, try to buy in late afternoon or late in the day where the maximum stretch of the feet is at its peak thus actual shoe size can be picked.  Also, try to choose, if your in a tight budget that can work both its functions and porma :) 
 Trying it out again! Kulit!
 Final na? weh?
 At my left is the other pick, and the other one is on my right.  I know pareho lang, check out the sole!  Guess what I picked?
The brown suede one with red yellow lace - its Waldo Waxy Red brown! 

Thanks alot Sebago Shoes!   They have branches in major stores - Rockwell, Festival Mall, ATC, etc.

Until next time! Cheers

Friday, May 18

Sweat it!

There have been alot of editorials I did for Manila Bulletin Fashion Section, and doing high fashion and little of edgy and fierce, not kinda my cup of tea though, scares me alittle bit.  I think Im still holding cause at the back of my mind I don't want the editorial (eds) to put into waste especially the team's effort and the designers who put their trust on the taste and rely on the creative output of the shoot.

I want to go crazy, fun and free in edgy editorials but I think I need to know more on the fineline between the great one and forced one, thus working in photographers, like Rxandy Capinpin, is a bliss because he or she is very limitless, and very, how would I say this, CREATIVE which sometimes local magazine/media can't appreciate some of his works.  Ayan Madam mega advertise na kita dito ha!
Enough of the women accessory feature, its time for the men/metrosexual accessory feature... I love this print from Nixon Marquez of Myth and Bosquejo Sacre neckpiece.
 I love this bone tie, and the tusks from OS Accessories.
 Another OS masterpiece. Spine! Thanks alot Lyle Ibanez for the pants.

 Edgy Adante Layesa neckpiece!

 Of course, Rx's symbol!
Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Grooming: Katchie Mejias of L'Oreal Professionnel

Model: Freddie of Elite

Special thanks to: Ms Joyce and Caloy

Thursday, May 17

Flagship: Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman is a British based clothing company, designing shirts, suits, shoes, accessories, and other items that are, in common with many British brands, now made overseas, largely in the Far East. Founded by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman.   Now, first ever here in the Philippines, and I think in Asia, under RSSI, same company having the brands of Topman/shop, Dorothy, and Warehouse.  I was invited by Ms. Val to do pullouts for my Christian Bautista shoot, which I'm so excited to share the outtakes.  

Here is the interior of the store:

It has a strong Brit feel, and designs!

Of course, the flag, and the wallpaper!
Love this side!
And some of the iconic photos and persona!

It has a wide range of checks, plaids, malakas maka Britton!

My fave! Alam na!
The shirt in different colors, Love the darker blue!
They have formal picks as well for those who want to have business feel.
Another pick of mine! I LOVE THIS!
And this shirt! Vintage lang.

You can check out, Ben Sherman in Shang Ortigas.