Friday, September 7

Meg Magazine + Outfit Preview

Last June, Aisa Ipac and I with Kaye, and Kat did a styling for 7 promising bands featured in the Meg Magazine August issue.  Aisa called me to co-style with her since she knows my strength is rush pulls and menswear. Aisa has her own style, and so much different with each other.  I love it that we don't compete but we share what opportunities one has, and so as its kinda cool to work together-styling in the same projects.  
We tagged along Kaye Awatin and Kat Valdez for the pullout and shoot.

Of course, they left me with the mens to style.  Though I have a 2 shoots upcoming for the week, I need to leave them for some pullouts, but I was able to style 2-3 bands with them.

Never the strangers - Composed of 4 members, Anthony - keyboards/vocals, Francis - bass/back up vocals, Pj - Drums and Jp - Guitars.  They are so cool that I wanna be High School again! Lols

Photos courtesy of Aisa Ipac.  Angelica on the cover, shot by friend Rxandy :) 
 Credits usually got my name misspelled :( 

Final Layouts

 Gracenotes - cool young band as well.

I'm so excited to have a collaboration with Kaye Awatin, since I got a change to do the outfit shoot.  I love her cam, and her shots!   Sharing you my latest Outfit of the day previews!


Rock Atts
 Winter Coat

 Grunge Up
Black Themed

I'm just so excited as well to share, that I'm in Chictopia's Style Gallery.  This is daily ranking of votes, likes of the chicbloggers as well.  I never expected this since I just want to collate my looks so I can monitor my style and how I progress over time.  Hope you like it :)   

Thank you so much Kaye Awatin - You can check her blog in


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