Saturday, December 28

SW: Designer Spotlight Eric Delos Santos with muse Marina Benipayo

BOOM! Presenting Eric Delos Santos, Winner of the Top Asian Fashion Designer in a recently concluded Fashion Asia Awards 2013, Pret-a-porter Category held in Chengdu, China.

Check out the looks that made into his feminine-romantic design aesthetic!
Eric's beloved muse is none other than the iconic model/personality 
Ms. Marina Benipayo.

During the shoot, I was so tensed that she might be uptight, or strict, again, don't ever prejudge!  She's so adorable, so funny and love to work with!

Check out rest of the out takes of the shoot.

I just love these layouts, it showed the fun, and cool friendship both build over time. 

One of my fave layout.

Congrats Eric, you definitely deserve all the success and cheers for more blessings.  We definitely recognize one's imprint in a dress, its fab Eric!

Wednesday, December 25

Flying Dutchman/Dutchess Holiday 2013 Lookbook

I just love working with Flying Dutchman Team, my 2nd series with them on their new campaign-lookbook.  FD Lookbook Team led by Stan and Than expressed thier thoughts on the coming collection, and the challenges since they are re-opening on a new bigger/better spot, and the leadtime is really, really tight!

I directly talked to Anton Foundation, lols, to book a model for it!  Rxandy has an input to do outdoor, night set up, but due to time constraints: model bookings, busy sched of the team, we decided to do studio shoot, and still deliver results!

Check out the official photo from FD FB site.

Holiday Collection 2013


Flying Dutchman has now teamed up with Flying Duchess to offer every man and woman basic yet timeless pieces in different pattern and textures. 'No Man is an Island" Holiday Collection is sure to refine your style and upgrade your wardrobe!

Photographer: Rxandy Capinpin 
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associate: Kaye Awatin
Grooming: Anton Patdu of MAC
Models: Jessica Yang, Donovan of Ideal People

 Familiar set design? Yes, I actually requested Stan to bring all the props they have in the previous store that we might of use as props, and as part of the collection to make it more relevant, store oriented and of course - FAMILIARITY! And yes, they really brought alot! :) 

Minimal styling is added like headgear, stockings, cute headbands, jumpers, etc so as to give focus still on the collection. 

They really have great pieces for girls! 

Stan and team wanted to do different theme from the 1st one, and of course its a really up for challenge since I love the first lookbook we did :)   Click  HERE and  let me know what you think? DOPE or NOPE!

Love Jess facial reaction here :) 

Until next Jonathan and Stanley, FD Team, congrats and see you VERY soon! 

Cheers and thanks alot as well, Anton and Jess!

Sunday, December 22

Style Weekend: Rhian Ramos

Finally, it feels good to be back in writing, after the my 1st write up for Manila Bulletin, I'm much more focused on mapping my goals and personal aspiration.  But first, here's the long overdue cover and editorial I styled with my bessy Aisa Ipac!

Style Weekend: released last Nov 1, 2013 ~  Special thanks to Ms Lana, ever supportive, and to the SW team for the continuous support and trust.
My fave layout! 

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Photography Asst: Jerby Tebelin + AG De Mesa
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac + Aisa Ipac
Styling Assistants: Cara F. Obligado, Gracie Millan, Czarina 
Hair: Mark Familara
Make Up: Raf Manosca of MAC 

Another Fave layout.

The menswear fabric - print has been the Fall's 2013 Trend and me and Pax wish to toughen Rhian in contrast to her usual sweet, girly, and very commercial look.  Check out the rest of the layouts and let us know what you think?

                      Special thanks to: Mc Larens for the location.

Learned some lessons in life recently and sometimes you just need to suck it up and just be strong.  More post on the coming week, for one, its already a yearend, so I have a lot of catching up to do!  

Can't wait to share you a BIG BANG for 2014! 
Clues #primetimeprincess (meaning 2 of them) #internationpopstar ( plus Iconic Photographer )  #food/lifestyleblogger ( coming very soon )

Just a few kick for now! 

Until next, cheers!