Friday, May 2

Asian Dragon: Golden Beauty Queens

Ms Chesca informed me if I'm available to style the 3 reigning, that time, Golden Beauty Queens, I didn't hesitate plus its a Monokini Editorial.  

Here's the Mar-Apr issue of Asian Dragon Mag.

Story: Francesca De La Cruz

Photography: Ejay Leung
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac + Bianca Sing
Make Up: Bobby Carlos
Hair: Francine Quirino

Thank you Ann Ong for the great editorial pieces.

The cover that featured it.

Of course, before I share to you the final layouts, the girls showed me the proper way of sitting - prim, and proper.

 Now, its my turn, I wanna see how they look in their wacky? Bakit ganun ang ganda pa din! Lols

Now, check out the final photos made it in print.

Trivia: This shoot alone, has the most expensive jewelries and accessories.

HeyJow Custom-made earrings for Ms. Ariella.

All in One-Piece swimwear but different in color, cut and design.

My great appreciation to Arnel Papa for the statement pieces.

Personal Profile: Bea for me is very smart, engaging, real and  very nice person.

The Colorful!

Octopos Bracelets and transparent Clutch from the innovative creations of Aranaz

Personal Profile: Mutya is so friendly, very candid, very true and funny.  Thanks Chris Munar for these wonderful accessories.

Joyce Makitalo for the exceptional pieces!

Once more, thank you Ms Chesca and the AD Mag Team, another tick in the bucket list!

Personal Profile: She is quiet, deep, very strong person, and easy to go along with.

Head Stylists: Jear De Mc Cuttac + Bianca Sing:
Styling for Bea: Klaudeen Cawili
Styling for Ariella: Aira Aimonia
Styling for Mutya: Patrick Perez