Saturday, January 8

Holiday Wrap

Rxandy Capinpin is one of the photographer, every stylist should work with. Last November, I messaged Rxandy through Fb, and he got interested on the concept. Then plan is to shoot on my birthday, Dec. 13th, since its the only time where Rxandy and Bruno Endler is available, given they are not aware that its gonna be my Bday!

The day prior the shoot, Bruno informed me that he got a job thus we need to sched the shoot, everything collapsed! I'm doomed and I felt useless! Still had this slight hope, I worked on another options just in case another shoot won't work. Nonetheless, the shoot was moved to Dec. 20, and Rxandy has a quite little surprise for me.
This is the opening photo for the theme with the whole casts, and my first published stint in Manila Bulletin, dated Dec. 25, 2010. The shoot pushed through since the concept is right-on for the Christmas time. Below is the 1st page of Lifestyle Fashion section!
2nd page of the release. Had to do last minute pulls courtesy of local designer and major brands.This is the inspiration of the shoot, taken from the last collection of D&G Homme FW2010. Luxury furs, knits, coats in a sporty wear. I envied countries with Snow that had a chance of wearing layerings, and very rich clothing.
Super thanks to Ms. Valerie and Teressa, Marketing and Promo head of Topshop. Below, during the pulls with Rye, Topman's MOA supervisor - heads up for the super cool accommodation even the store is packed with customers.
I need to bring my new double garment rack just to organize all the stuff. Super thanks to Marcial, my brother, and Maymay, niece for helping me. By the way, Maymay has a crush on B. ;)In this, Robyn Calma, our make up and hair expert, checking the shoot ;)
At first, I'm not liking this style, but when Bruno starting to do his angles, and tensions, and push - damn - effortless! Very TOPMAN add! Rxandy even thinks of having him sipping a cup for just some twist. LEGEND!
Just love super creative Rxandy, btw, I'm wearing my Eheads fave shirt from Greenwich! I missed Eheads hey day!
Just so effortless ;)

Check out the final layouts below. NEWSFLASH! Ms. Joyce loves the shoot! I can't do it alone... thus a major, major thank you to Robyn, Bruno, and the fab Rxandy.

Wrap me! Ribbon wrapping is another Rxandy's vision! 1st Look: Colored striped beannie: Topman, White knit jack: Stylist own - Zara Men, Camel carrot pants: Topman.Relaxed in cold temp! 2nd Look: Denim jack with faux fur: stylist own - Zara Men, camel carrot pants: Topman, Lace up boots: Dr. Marten's courtesy of JP, aka Panda! 3rd: Coal trench: Topman, Button up LS: Simon Vasquez, trousers: Athony Nocom

Luxe & Street! 4th Look: White Tux shirt: Anthony Nocom, Red knit jack: stylist own - Zara Men, plaid shorts: Anthony Nocom. 5th Look: Plaid LS: Topman, Knit LS gray with details: Anthony Nocom, old rose pants: Terranova Men, Lace up sandal boots: Dr. Marten's courtesy of JP.
Below 0! 6th Look: All: Anthony Nocom. 7th Look: Bomber hoddie vest: stylist's own Terranova Men, black LS shirt: stylist own, trousers: Simon Vasquez.
TOPMAN Ed. 8th Look: Stripes LS top: Topman, gray knit pullover: Topman, and red shorts: Simon Vaquez. 9th Look: Gray knit pullover: Topman, yellow floral turtleneck: Simon Vasquez, Gray scarf as waist band: stylist own, trousers: Anthony Nocom, Lace up sandal boots: Dr. Marten's courtesy of Panda.

The shoot is supposed to be 6-7 layouts, but I requested another 3, thus we have a total of 9 layouts, and surprisingly Manila Bulletin published it all, and released on Christmas Day!

Kudos guys, and thanks to Marcial De Mc Cuttac, my brother for 1st TIME ever really helping me in styling, and being my driver wholeday! Maymay as well for being so nice and very excited to meet B.

Until next time guys! Bringing chemistry in styling!

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