Wednesday, October 30

Asian Dragon Weddings: Shoe and Bag Editorial

Kaye Awatin styled this Shoe-Bag Editorial, and helped her of course, I supported all my interns, to become an up and coming Editorial/Celebrity Stylist, so watch out for Kaye! 

Released in Asian Dragon Weddings Mag 2013-14, an annual release catering  as a perfect guide to Chinese Weddings.

Jimmy Choo Heels and Aranaz clutch

Aranaz Bags

Prada kitty heels

Paul Herrera bags

Michael Antonio heels


 Jimmy Choo

Photography: Jerby Tebelin
Styling: Kaye Awatin

Saturday, October 26

Style Weekend: Ms World 2013 Megan Young

When Megan Young won Ms. World Philippines, I thought why not do an editorial of her? I'm not a beauty pageant fan, I just love to witness the show occasionally but there's something about Megan that I'm drawn to do a must-have editorial shoot.   

This shoot actually is just a mere luck I guess... I believe the universe aligned with my master plan.  It was Sat/Sun and I thought why not just text Mau of Mercator since I saw previous  IG posting that she is somehow connected with the agency.  I texted Mau if its possible to have a shoot of her, just 2-3 hours will do. Luckily Mau confimed that Megan has only has this specified free time, Tues, 2-5pm ONLY! 

I immediately texted EIC Ms Liza Ilarde if we can do a cover story before her departure to Bali for Ms. World competition.  "YES, I thought she's busy, let's do an interview as well.  Thanks Jear", Liza replied, and so the saying goes, the rest is history!

One of the cover option of Megan! 

The photo that made it on the cover! Uber thanks as well to Photographer Bj Pascual who said Yes as well for this shoot! 

Check out the inspiration, and behind the scene looks!

Note that we need to execute pulls and the look for 1 day, that's Monday since the shoot is Tues. Here's some of the looks we made for the editorial.

 The official out takes released.

Our inspiration is the Film Noir, mid-century, waist detailed skirts, coat skirt, pencil and semi circle, and embodied by Grace Kelly, in a modern approach.  Of course, we are not Milan or Paris so we need to come up with a chic look yet very relatable to SW readers as well.  Hope you like it.

 One of the fave layout.

So proud of the styling team who are greatly involved in putting up the look, deliberation is tough but I know you are always ready to be part of the final cut of layouts. People just sometimes see the final look and how each layout or styling is done and looks easy or uninspired but we know we got a hell a lot of work just to execute in ONE day. THANK YOU!

Photography: Bj Pascual
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac + Kaye Awatin
Styling Associates: Cara Obligado, Patrick Pleno, Carvey Samonte

Make Up: Fatima Rabago
Hair: Mark Familara

Special thanks to Ms Liza and SW Team for the support.

Shout out to Mau and Mercator as well for making the shoot possible.

Sunday, October 20

Engagament Styling: Anna and Michael Nillo

I usually refuse Prenup shoot because 1. its cheesy, 2. boring, and 3. so traditional, but that was before when I was single! 

This is actually shot last year and I almost missed this, so much LOVE and PASSION of these two crazy love birds... We'll probably because I'm single that time when we are shooting but better late than never right?  Thing is, when I checked the photos I'm so engulfed by their affection with each other.

This is honestly my 1st Prenup or Engagement shoot, and I just love it! So thankful of Anna for booking me on this shoot, and sincerely to her friend so bad I missed out her name here, for recommending me to Anna.  Thank you so much guys!

  Check out the photos and story below.
 Like the typical prenup I wanted them to have a very casual chic look to a fashion editorial feel.
I prepped a Story board for them from the outfits to the hair and make up.

Our 1st to 2nd layout I want still to be relatable, casual, relaxed for them to be easy and get comfortable for the shoot, since afterall they are just real people and not models.

The 3rd to 4th set is injected with fashion, attitude and to have a feel of fashion editorial-ish type.  

One of the fave set where Mike played Christina Perri's song, A Thousand Years during the rooftop, sunset shoot.  It's so romantic, very lovely, and I truly got chills not because of Tagaytay's cool breeze but of these two passion, love and affection to each other (MAJOR GOOSEBUMPS!, Promise!).

I wish all the best of you Anna and Mike! Spread some love and inspirations, can't wait to see how your love story flourished over time!

Love you guys! God bless!

Photography: J Lucas Reyes

Hair & Makeup: Clarence Esposo

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Gowns: Joel Escober & Chris Diaz

Venue: Meteora Tagaytay

Thursday, October 10

SW: Out of this World Editorial

Excited to share with you my last month's release from Style Weekend featuring the Sporty, Mannish, Sexy looks as seen in most of the brands and recent Fall runway looks.  Special thanks to Ms Liza and Style Weekend Team.  
Love Jessica and one of my fave! Jess nailed this! 

We want to use some sporting gears and props in the shoot but we want to spread it out to the rest of the layout but not the entire editorial so as not to make it too obvious and referential.

Movements, throw and swing! 

Rxandy played around the treatment and had some 'Cosmic' effect, cool huh? 

Kudos Kaye, we did it again! 

Until Next! 


Tuesday, October 1

OOTD Series: Personal Style and Experiment

Fashion can be very exciting, moving and sometimes can be very controlling.  I love dressing up and playing - mix and match of my colored pants. Play around with layering, and yes through experiment, you'll definitely find your own personal style.  Believe me, the journey is not easy, but I say its quite fun and surprising!

I still remember this first OOTD shot by my ever patient and cool styling partner and my official photographer-friend Kaye Awatin of

And yes its addicting, because 1.  you got to be photographed and act like a model-subject, 2. you got to find/see your angles and what's your better look 3.  you got to study or find your personal style and its evolution.

Colored pants is a cool way to play around since Im not a 'shorts' guy, thus I invest on the cheap but cool pants.  Not adventurous enough, start with dark colored pants - maroon, blue, and dark teal or dark green, beige and if still scared GRAY

Balanced bright colors, or too shocking for you with black or darker tones. 

When the utilitarian-military trend hits the runway! 

My arm candies obsession started here.  Unlike women, they have alot of accessories to play around - bracelets, earrings, rings, headpiece, belts, etc, but for me I found my comfort in bracelets! I cant really dictate you should do bracelets as well, you really have to try and experiment, by starting your fave fashionista, blogger, or editors.

NOTE: Personalized their look, apply something they have but put on your personal kick! 
Heavily and overly accessorized, not my hype! 

Printed pants, nah, just tried it! 

Pastels went wild for 2 seasons, and who cant resist them, they're cute, and cool in the eye! But again not my personal style.... speaking of taking chances.

My first on the tank tops

Check out below, even tried the K-pop inspired look

Coats, but sleeves roll up!

Few are just my fave looks and probably will stick to these looks....personal opinion as may I say.

 Just love small details in shirt, my 1st priority is COMFORT, that explains more the T shirt and less of the layering! 

Sometimes, personal style can be very comforting and can be extending.... like for now, I feel like I just want to wear more of the punk-rock-ensemble.
Photo by Darrel Pobre

Special Thanks to Kaye Awatin for all the photos except 1 as indicated.

Cheers! Up next - Sporty, Mannish, Fierce Editorial!