Saturday, July 28

Ola Bella Rocca!

Last Jul 15-17, I had a prenup shoot with Darz, Vil and Kuya R.  Part 2 of the location shoot, where the couple Ms. Girlie and Mr. Edison wanted it to be shot in their hometown in Boac, Marinduque.

Original plan is actually to just style them in the studio, but Ms Girlie booked me upfront during the meeting for the location shoot, and here's the adventure I won't forget.
Mariones figures as souvenirs in Boac Hotel.

1st layout in the Boac Church.

Boac Church rooftop.
Day 2: Destination Bella Rocca Island - 3 more layouts
We need to take a speedboat for like 5-8mins for the island, how cool is that right?
Closer view of the landscape of Bella Rocca Villas.

As soon as you step down in the hotel, a heartwarming greeting thru song and dance by the staff.

 And let the shoot begin!  Sorry, I can't post some of the other layouts yet :)
 We even went to one of the private Villa for the shoot!
 It has its own pool! Taray!
Last layout, pool shot. Videography team is there as well to capture the moments.

After the shoot, I envy Darz and Vil enjoying the pool. Little they know, I got all my trunks in my bag thus I dive in as well.  The Astig shot!

The Beki Shot! Lols!

 3rd/Last day:  FREE TIME.  Bella Rocca offers free kayak, Kuya R woke up around 7am to enjoy the Kayak. I have no plans of joining since I just wanted to dip in the pool.

Aaron (videogrpahy team) is such a cool company and asked me to row with him.  I brave myself, 1st time in Kayaking and I thought, why not!  Techniques: stay calm and balanced, extend hands in the row for more power in rowing.  Lastly, extend legs and slightly slant your back for ab workout as well.

 Kuya R and April. Bakit ganun kuya guide, maganda kuha nila, cam ko to diba? 

Say bye bye to the island, while waiting for our speedboat.  Naman, Darz and I had some OOTD (outfit of the day) shoot 
POST SCRIPT:  I had a blast in this experience, mixing work and pleasure is such a treat.  The couple - Ms Girlie and Mr. Edison were really superb company.  Honestly, I know they are rich but still they are so grounded and even joined us in every meal conversation.  They shared life experiences and you can really feel the sincerity of this people.  Works really become light, easy, fun and creative if the people surrounds you possesses that great/positive energy! 

Catch my next post! You'll gonna freak out! Lols!

Wednesday, July 25

MB: All Aboard!

One of the 3 editorials, Darz and I did last March 2012 for Manila Bulletin Fashion Section.  The released was put on hold, since one of the major men's magazine released the same Sailor inspired theme shoot. 

To avoid issue or comparison, I told Darz and Kaye that I'll delay the submission.  The main difference with what has been released is that its more of the casual wear and shot in a port/yatch location.  While ours is more of the resort/swimwear plot.  I want to do crazy stuff like Vogue Homme Japan/Numero feel yet I'm feeling its too risky to release it in the paper.

Check out this HOT editorial out last July 20 in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section

I did a women resort/swimwear shoot for the last 2 season, why not men this time :) NOTES: For minimal styling, you can use props as bag, hat, to push the concept a little bit.
Huge thanks to my brother Marcial, he actually looked for a navy hat, and uniform for this shoot :)
My Fave! Trivia: This is actually, me and Kaye Awatin's 1st shoot and collaboration :) Check her out

We didn't intend to copy one of the brands advertorial, but well I know it looks like one 
Zon7 Trunks (anchor boy cut trunks) are custom-made that only limited pieces are available.  You can contact Zon, by searching Ogayon Zon in FB.  You'll gonna love his creations, even got one in the next posts!  
Thanks Maldita Men bag, and Speedo!
Thanks Myth for the Stripes!
Thanks Folded and Hung for this pull as well!

Photography: Darrel Pobre
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Assistant Styling: Kaye Awatin
Grooming: Nina Dumpa

Assistants: Marcial De Mc Cuttac, Angelo Dan

Model: Felipe of IM Agency
Location: Acacia Hotel Manila

Special Thanks: Acacia Hotel Manila. For more information, please call 720 2000  or check their site

Monday, July 23

Celebrity Living Mag ft. Lance Raymundo

Cai Garcia, Editorial Coordinator, called me last May, to style Lance Raymundo for Celebrity Living Magazine July issue.  I was recommended by my bestbud Aisa Ipac, and indeed, its another 1st among my styling stint with them. Thanks alot Bessy!

I pulled from Zara Men, Ben Sherman, Wade and 101 New York for the shoot, though its just 3 layouts, its always wise to have edited options, and to impress for 1st gig!

See our behind the scene out takes and the team behind the lovely shoot :)
Art director, Kriscel Go and intern, me and sitting editor, Apple Ocampo

Reporter Jordan Gonzalez, and John See, Make Up artist. 

My options, love the rack so convenient!  Peg wasn't sent on time for my early pulls, thus I referred the looks on the AW2012 trends and the personal style of Lance. 
Getting Dolled up!
Love styling men since I just have all the accessories, no need to pull! 
Interviewing and the same time getting the out of the bed look hair!

Check out below, the final layouts in the mag, bear with me on the resolution, I just shot it direct from the print :) Will update once the hi-res is received.
 Love the color blocking yet, very monochromatic! Check out the leopard loafers! Kabog! Thanks Zara and Wade for the look!
 Its the relaxed look in the pool! Love his own sandals!  The Spaces Section featured about the house details, and the celebrity's free-spirited lifestyle.

At his own room! Checks fit him perfectly! I had a blast in this shoot, cause the entire shoot, Lance loved all the looks, from shoes to the shirts, no changes!  Thanks Lance!

Photography: John Ocampo
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Assistant: Dan Angelo
Grooming: Harley Sy and John See by Creations

Thanks alot Celebrity Living Mag and Cai! 

Until Next Adventure guys!

Thursday, July 12

MB X Juxtapose

I told Kaye Awatin, my assistant, that we need to do a styling collaboration and it should be a statement!  As always, she's up for a challenge.  Our challenge is to do spring and autumn introduction, since floral print on print is so SS2012, injected some floral still but darker to baroque tone.  We were both inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana AW2012, so Shakespearean/Renaissance vibes. 

Check out the release today, yes today, 13 Jul 2012, Friday, in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section - FULL SPREAD! Thanks alot Mb and cheers to the team!

The Inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana AW2012: Come on, we need to do some twist, of course, we don't want to copy how she looks!

Take a closer look of the layouts!

Frenimies: Best friends + Enemies.  They are buddies, but somehow jealousy sometimes took a part.
My fave, especially the shades, Nadine looks big bucks, as in INTERNATIONAL ADVERTORIAL! Say what!
Push and Pull! 
Love this Baroque-ish.  Trivia: I wanted to do black and white floral for a breather of the complementary and contrast, but I only found this dress, and pants from Zara, then I decided to bring my Memo Polo, yes, its my polo, Lols!
Loving the Jasmine Trias feel here.
Hey, don't you know that the scarf used to coverseat here is part of the credit? AND NOTE! It's from Massimo Dutti!
This is one of the biggest pulls so far, and even Kaye got LOCA, almost, that we need another fashion blogger to assist us, Hazel Peralta, you go girl!
Don't you just love the nails courtesy from Beauty & Butter! They got all the glits and glamour inspired from the runway of AW 2012! Get your nails now, butter girls! 

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Asst. Photography: Jerby Tebelin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac + Kaye Awatin
Styling assistant: Hazel Peralta
Hair: Alee Benson
Make Up: Katchie Mejias

Nails: Beauty & Butter
Models: Nadine (Mercator) + Kaye (Reign)

Special thanks:  Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Arnel Papa, Forever 21, Primadonna, Ichigo, Proudrace + Randy Ortiz + Joel Escober of Myth, Love Diva

Tot Ziens! 
Until next post!

Monday, July 2

Malabon's Feast of Holy Trinity

Last June 3, I was invited by Winnie to visit them in Tinajeros, Malabon since they will be holding the Feast of  the Holy Trinity, its like a annual celebration in their baranggay.  I promised to be there since Winnie became a close friend after the passing of Jp.  We convene in Winnie's place, my first time here, and Jp's choirmates - Ricky and his friend.

 After some homecooked meal feast, we had some picture taking and prepping for the procession.
 Wacky diba? 
 I tried the drum, and its so freaking heavy! 
 Gathered in the chapel, and finally meeting Jp's entire choirmates. 
 Check out the procession photos>
 The march includes the huge saints, Jesus, and Mary's statues, candle lighted, walking and praying from the chapel and round the entire baranggay and back to the chapel. 

One of the basic norms in Filipino culture is the strong faith displayed on some religious practices. Processions, saint and feast are just some hand down beliefs in return for sacrifices - good health, blessings, and giving thanks for the life.
 A band companying the procession.
 After an hour of march, we took a break and the choir had their meeting for future activities, and of course, photoshoot after, led by me! Flowers in the procession were blessed, sprinkled by holy water and believed to have some miracle in any forms.  
 We're back in Winnie's place, and ate our dinner there as well.

 Brought a desert from Red Ribbon's new chocolate collection :) Umay!
 Lastly, videoke challenge, syempre hindi ako patatalo - in Atomic Kitten's Tide is High - pacute ang peg! :)

 The serious-thinker! 
 Walang kamatayang, wacky! 

Until Next adventure! Ciao bellas!