Saturday, January 29

Give a Gift

Just a quick break from my Styling Theraphy, I just really wanted to share this very uplifting experience I have during our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. Diageo's way of contributing to the society, we might call it charity, we called it CSR, this time is thru celebrating Christmas Party in the Orphanage, and we coined it "Give a gif to the Little Angels". The last CSR activity we have is a Medical Mission in the GK-Diageo Village, where I helped getting BP of the people before they had thier consultation, yeah I know how to operate those stetoscope*!

The whole Supply Team went to Little Angels Orphanage, Tagaytay, last Dec. 10, 2010. The team celebrated Christmas party with these little angels together with the famous bee! Check it out below:

*A Y-shaped instrument that amplifies body sounds such as heartbeat, breathing, and air in the intestine. Used in auscultation.
These are the gifts we brought, where each employee randomly picked for thier angel and thier angel's wishlist a week ago prior to the activity.
The Vitality Team, internal group/event organizer, prepared some parlor games, and fun-filled activities for kids, so just a brief period of time, the kids and surprisingly us, able to forget all the worries, and just enjoy being kids, and having a new found friends.
Our Production Manager, Rich, with this super cute, super aloof kid ;) Who would have thought he's an orphan, very adorable right?
After the games, its time to reveal who we picked and give thier wish! Unfortunately, my little angel Emmanuel was in the foster care. Too bad I didn't get the chance to give him my present. Emmanuel's wish is a RC car.

When everybody is busy with thier angels, I poke Phil to take the shot of me with the sisters, and again, everybody is plaguing my area... nice, very nice!
It's really chilling in here, I'm wearing a scarf already yet imagine we are still chilling in cold. L-R: Eugene, Ces, Paul, and me ;)
After the gift giving, the Little Angels surprised us a simple song number, with Jollibee in it, actually he's just mimicing these kids, LOLs.

Me and Ces bonding. And my lost phone! :( Below, we had the class picture!
The CSR activity is so cool at first, and during the time, there are some tiny moments where I had some space to think how blessed I/we are. We have everybody: family, friends, collegues to support, protect and love us. These kids where brought in here with a purpose and it just saddened me that these innocent kids had to live up a very tough, and independent life from a very young age. I'm happy for Emmanuel, though I'm so excited to see him too, that he got some foster parents to take good care of him in a short span of time, in the merriest season of the year. Let's just be good to each other guys!
I had to have some spacers here, from a very emotional reading. Thanks December for allowing me to wear knits, and scarf! Fall inspiration details... check out my chictopia blog (click, click the blue).
Staff Lunch
Early on, prior to the Little Angels event, Stephan, our Suppy Director, initiated to take a simple lunch break to sincerely thank the Team thru sumptuous lunch, catered and perfect served! The entire Supply Leadership Team (SLT) literally, are our food server/placers. Below, are just a snop shot of the said activity:

Stephan, and Erwin, my boss, serving Bogs and Gelo. Relax lang sa cholesterol at taba... medyo lumolobo tyo! Peace be with you guys.
Our turn, the ever sweet Totan, me, Cez, Pat, Euge, and Marriane.
Bon a petit!
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Monday, January 24

2011's Trends Forecast

Exactly 10:45pm, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011, Rxandy Capinpin, photographer, texted me if I'm free on Friday, for an editorial shoot for Manila Bulletin Newspaper? Certainly! Who would refuse such opportunity. As I hanged up, my brains crammed up, juggling on how will I able to pull out in just 1 day! Designers, brands, accessories, bags are in flying colors in my mind... but again I know I'm up for a challenge. It's a high risk that I have to make several options, one is local designers. Local designers come so accessible anytime, anywhere! They are stylist's lifesaver, my celebrities, and always fool proof!
No offense, seriously, I have high regards of them, they are my priority for pulls, my fair share of help in showcasing thier ingenuity, and so as promoting thier local talents.

NOTE: Major brands require at least 2-3 days of formal request thru fax/email, then another day for an approval.

Check out my 2nd published work in Manila Bulletin Newspaper, this time, its an editorial spread in Style Weekend, special section of the Newspaper every Friday.

The Cover. The shoot is about Manila Bulletin: 2011's Fashion and Beauty Forecast.
Opening cover story. 1st Look: Playsuit. Contrast-stripe, strapless jumpsuit by Noel Crisostomo, bag and accessories: Maldita, Glorrieta 5, and shoes by Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.
Thanks again Rxandy, I owe you bigtime. Caloy of MB also, for trusting me another project. Let's not forget Ms. Joyce, MB'S Fashion Editor, who acknowledge my 1st work (CLICK). IT really humbles me. Curtain Call: The casts: Caloy, Babe, Katchie, Yara, Dane, Me and Rxandy. This is so funny, because Babe, model's assistant, teaches these models our local dialect, including Pokpok! Yeah, interesting words to learn ;)During the return: Gaupo Shoe Couture, gosh, truly shoegasm here! Thanks to Ms. Ericka who always supports me, and The MB.

Accessories from Maldita, Glorrieta 5. I just love accessories, and who doesn't?

My 2 Angels: Dane and Shannelle, my two nieces. Supporters during the shoot. From returns to helping the model get dressed. Chillax in BK, Glorrieta, after a job well done. Thanks guys, hope you had a blast! 2nd Look: Biker Chic. Colored paneled dress by John Guarnes, black leather jacket by Calliope MOA, black liquid legging by Terranova MOA, and diamond guitar brooch: Stylist's own - Philosophy Men. 3rd Look: Stripes. Teal, ruched, turtleneck top: Maldita Glorrieta 5, black and gray drapped skirt by Anna Leah Salvador, black cutout heels by Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5. 4th Look: 70's Glam. Sequined tube top by Calliope MOA, coal trousers by Mango, glasses by Maldita Glorrieta 5, and Opentoe suede strappy shoes by Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5. 5th Look, The Maxi: Dress brush stroke, and paint spatter maxi by John Guarnes, accessories by Maldita Glorrieta 5, and Strappy silk red shoes by Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.

6th Look: Cropped Top. Cropped shirt: Faith and Fashion, leather cummerbund: Terranova, liquid leggings: Calliope, accessories: Maldita Glorrieta 5, and Copper tassled booties: Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.
7th Look: Tail Hem. Printed shirt: Terranova, drapped sheer gray skirt: Anna Leah Salvador, and strappy satin red-black shoes: Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.

8th Look: Sheer. Muted old rose sheer dress: Faith and Fashion, diamond chandelier earings: Forever 21. My shout out thanks also to Ms. Michelle of Terranova and Calliope, for providing these cool RTW pieces.
9th Look: Ladylike. Swan Dress/ruffled white dress: John Guarnes, brown leather cummerbund: Calliope and brown leather vest: Terranova MOA.

Lucky 10: Loungerie. Nude playsuit: Mica Santayana, lace bodice: Calliope MOA, and copper Tassled shoe: Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.
First I thought, what if Rxandy or Caloy is challenging me, given I have only 1 day to do pulls and create 10 different, specific looks for a shoot? Then, I realize, after the drama, they just plainly presented me an opportunity, it has definitely a challenge in there, but clearly, its another experience whether I give up or not. Between those grasps of SANA, and I-KNOW-I-CAN-DO-IT thinking, in the end, actually it's a matter of CHOOSING your attitude! Always be positive, and knowing you can really pull it off, without really dragging someone else. Truly, To God be the glory!
Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Hair & Make up: Katchie Mejias
Model: Yara Marinatto of Visage Models
Assistants: Pabby De Mc Cuttac and Shannelle Kabayao
Fashion Editor: Joyce L. Fernandez
Editorial Assistance: Carlos Dela Pasion
UP NEXT: WHAT'S UP DOC? Let me know what you think of my styling or writing here guys. Thanks.

Saturday, January 22

Persian Prince

I want to do an editorial shoot with great photographer/graphic artist, Darrel Pobre. The inspiration is from the recent PFW SS2011 collection of Menswear designer, Ulysses King. He described his collections as - "Ancient & modern collide with the cross boarders design inspired form the strength, mystery, and beauty of the desert - hot, rigid, and unforgiving - where the travelers see the world in a grains of sand".

He has a very descriptive, intense, and accurate direction of his looks. What I want to showcase is my own interpretation of his collections. I had to check the facebook and though since I missed the menswear collection, too bad ;( Check out below:
One of the cool movie character is Jake Gyllenhall, in Prince of Persia, where I got the inspiration of rugged, sexy, mystery look.

To know about what is done, I also had to secure a copy of Uly's presskit, to see what were already been done, so as to have my own interpretation of the looks.

The actual runway shots, from the PFW SS2011. Shots taken from

My ever supportive, make up artist Melu Jean Apostol, doing the intricate details of the make up, and we need to darken Pete aka Rafael so he would look somehow very mediterranean.
Check out our own interpretation of the collection, with so more spice added by Darz, our photographer.
Our Cover: The Jumpsuit, and at the presstime, Ulysses, used this cover as his facebook profile, super cool that he liked the shots, and coined as - "OMG--this is one of the best! So metromasculine, and sexy -- very good job Jear and the team (Darz, Melu, Pete) -- I love it!!! Let's also thanks Edmir Lagui for the accessories ALL available at Bobon, The Podium." - Ulysses King.
Separates: At first, I'm having second thoughts on the model, if he can pull it off, and it turned out, he is now improved, and I can see his creativity, and fair enough, I'm impressed. Kudos, Pete.

Metrosexual Deciphering
Huge thanks to Bobon, The Podium, for all the outrageous beautiful accessories we have on the shoot.
Super love the shoot, despite limited time and resources. I think overall we have a great job here. This is my 2nd editorial shoot with Darz. The 1st one, soon....
Designs: Ulysses King
Photography: Darrel Pobre
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Make-Up: Melu Jean Apostol
Model: Rafael Ombac
Thanks to Mommy Shayne as well for always there for the support.
Let me know what you think of the shoot guys.

Saturday, January 8

Holiday Wrap

Rxandy Capinpin is one of the photographer, every stylist should work with. Last November, I messaged Rxandy through Fb, and he got interested on the concept. Then plan is to shoot on my birthday, Dec. 13th, since its the only time where Rxandy and Bruno Endler is available, given they are not aware that its gonna be my Bday!

The day prior the shoot, Bruno informed me that he got a job thus we need to sched the shoot, everything collapsed! I'm doomed and I felt useless! Still had this slight hope, I worked on another options just in case another shoot won't work. Nonetheless, the shoot was moved to Dec. 20, and Rxandy has a quite little surprise for me.
This is the opening photo for the theme with the whole casts, and my first published stint in Manila Bulletin, dated Dec. 25, 2010. The shoot pushed through since the concept is right-on for the Christmas time. Below is the 1st page of Lifestyle Fashion section!
2nd page of the release. Had to do last minute pulls courtesy of local designer and major brands.This is the inspiration of the shoot, taken from the last collection of D&G Homme FW2010. Luxury furs, knits, coats in a sporty wear. I envied countries with Snow that had a chance of wearing layerings, and very rich clothing.
Super thanks to Ms. Valerie and Teressa, Marketing and Promo head of Topshop. Below, during the pulls with Rye, Topman's MOA supervisor - heads up for the super cool accommodation even the store is packed with customers.
I need to bring my new double garment rack just to organize all the stuff. Super thanks to Marcial, my brother, and Maymay, niece for helping me. By the way, Maymay has a crush on B. ;)In this, Robyn Calma, our make up and hair expert, checking the shoot ;)
At first, I'm not liking this style, but when Bruno starting to do his angles, and tensions, and push - damn - effortless! Very TOPMAN add! Rxandy even thinks of having him sipping a cup for just some twist. LEGEND!
Just love super creative Rxandy, btw, I'm wearing my Eheads fave shirt from Greenwich! I missed Eheads hey day!
Just so effortless ;)

Check out the final layouts below. NEWSFLASH! Ms. Joyce loves the shoot! I can't do it alone... thus a major, major thank you to Robyn, Bruno, and the fab Rxandy.

Wrap me! Ribbon wrapping is another Rxandy's vision! 1st Look: Colored striped beannie: Topman, White knit jack: Stylist own - Zara Men, Camel carrot pants: Topman.Relaxed in cold temp! 2nd Look: Denim jack with faux fur: stylist own - Zara Men, camel carrot pants: Topman, Lace up boots: Dr. Marten's courtesy of JP, aka Panda! 3rd: Coal trench: Topman, Button up LS: Simon Vasquez, trousers: Athony Nocom

Luxe & Street! 4th Look: White Tux shirt: Anthony Nocom, Red knit jack: stylist own - Zara Men, plaid shorts: Anthony Nocom. 5th Look: Plaid LS: Topman, Knit LS gray with details: Anthony Nocom, old rose pants: Terranova Men, Lace up sandal boots: Dr. Marten's courtesy of JP.
Below 0! 6th Look: All: Anthony Nocom. 7th Look: Bomber hoddie vest: stylist's own Terranova Men, black LS shirt: stylist own, trousers: Simon Vasquez.
TOPMAN Ed. 8th Look: Stripes LS top: Topman, gray knit pullover: Topman, and red shorts: Simon Vaquez. 9th Look: Gray knit pullover: Topman, yellow floral turtleneck: Simon Vasquez, Gray scarf as waist band: stylist own, trousers: Anthony Nocom, Lace up sandal boots: Dr. Marten's courtesy of Panda.

The shoot is supposed to be 6-7 layouts, but I requested another 3, thus we have a total of 9 layouts, and surprisingly Manila Bulletin published it all, and released on Christmas Day!

Kudos guys, and thanks to Marcial De Mc Cuttac, my brother for 1st TIME ever really helping me in styling, and being my driver wholeday! Maymay as well for being so nice and very excited to meet B.

Until next time guys! Bringing chemistry in styling!