Sunday, August 18

Darrel Pobre X Annalita Vizcarra

During the series of Philippines winning over international beauty competition, I had this idea to do an editorial with a Filipina model.  As you can see, majority of my shoots and in my portfolio, all the models were foreign or mixed.  Annalita Vizcarra is my first Filipina model.  This editorial was shot together with 2 editorials with Catriona in blog story and Filipe in Men's swimming wear.

Check out the official photos below!

Thanks and cheers to the team!

Photography: Darrel Pobre
Styling:  Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associate: Kaye Awatin
Hair/Make Up: Nina Dumpa
Model: Annalita of Elite Manila

Location: Acacia Hotel

All accessories from Love Diva.
Wish to convey story of textured long gowns in each layout from applique, ruching, layering, ruffles, to pleats.  

Special thanks to Myth, and to Acacia Hotel

Thursday, August 15

Beauty Editorial: Glitters X Splatter

When doing multiple editorials for Manila Bulletin Fashion Section Shoots, I just love beauty editorials.  In this editorial, I requested Katchie Mejias, to do what she wanted that haven't done or somehow seen before.  She wished to do a beauty x Glitters x shine editorial.

I just love the idea, and why not doing some additional accessorizing so as to put a styling incorporated.

Check out the editorial layouts below:

Statement Necklace by Bosquejo

Earrings and facinators by Love Diva Accessories

Earrings by Love Diva Accessories
My FAVE! Statement necklace by OS Accessories

Photography: Raecen Dimacali
Make Up: Katchie Mejias
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Sunday, August 11

Edric Chen X Leo Cameo

Doing collaborations with different photographers, and any form of artists can be very exciting and surprisingly wonderful in almost every ways.  You can adopt to differences approach of art and interpretation and meet halfway in the form of another marvelous creation! Delicious right? 

Edric Chen is one I have a great respect in terms of photography, he's cool, easy and you can easily jive on his direction of the looks.  I still do test shoots sometimes because it give you creative freedom and can go whatever direction you wanted to. 

I just love Dianne Lorenza's creation and suggestion of different mess hair and the make up, divine!  

Check out the final layouts!

Uber thanks Kai (Seashells) Macabata for styling with me on the shoot! 

Fave shot!
Kai and I wanted to play around different leopard family print from digiprint to leo print.

Looks familiar, yeah, very SJP! 
Photography: Edric Chen
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associate: Kai Macabata
Hair/Make Up: Dianne Lorenza

Tuesday, August 6

SM Aura X Uniqlo SS13 Runway

Its Uniqlo SS13 SM Aura Fashion Show.  It's better, bigger, brighter fashion show for Uniqlo this time, it's still Spring/Summer 2013 but new collections, which is different from the last SS13 Launch-Runway Show in Venice Piazza, The Fort.  

Better its more diverse and fun to classic colors and prints. Bigger since it will be total of 40 layouts or changes, 30 models, biggest so far.  Brighter, we got Robby Carmona and Saga Event handling the direction of the show, plus top models Brent Javier, Fatima Rebago, Jasmine Maierhofer, and amongst others, and of course, its styling handled by  Team JearDMC

We had more than a month from planning, casting, pullouts to execution and even last minute changes on the layouts!  Check out the BTS and the final show photo! 

Last pullout day with AMPR's Joel and Ms. Shiori.  

Final Talk with the Director Mr. Robby and Ms. Pau of Saga Events.

Curtain Call: Styling Team Group Shot and Argie 

We had some photo of the models and their looks during the model casting.  Model casting actually is quite be challenging sometimes because sometimes stylist had envision the looks with the specific models based on the setcard or the lastime the stylist saw or remembered them but over the course of time its either they got thinner, bigger so last minute in inevitable.  

 My Ever supportive kuya Marcial, he's kinda shy so doesn't look at the camero for candid effect! Lols!

 My Niece Pabby and Kai! BDO! 
 Super Straight Pose with Brent Javier, working with him, my first! #kiligmuch #ultimatecollegecrush
Kudos to the team! Mr. Robby and Ms. Cheryl of AMPR!

Check out the 4 segments of the show! Enjoy!

 AIRism is the new introduction of Uniqlo representing comfort and functionability!
The 4th segment was introduced by a number by Ballet Philippines.

Check out the summary of each segments! 

1st Segement: Look is a play of print-colors and relaxed look! Mixing fun, quirky to classic looks! 

2nd Segment: Very Urban, blues hues, still more of the comfort feel, very wearable and relaxed look! 

3rd Segment: More of the Business to Professional look still with play and some classics! 

4th Segment: AIRism, new introduction of inner wear, comfortable, breathable garment whether for your sporting, or inner skin function! 

Thank you so much Uniqlo Team and AMPR Team, with special thanks to Ms. Che, Joel and Ms. Arlene.

Until next show!