Sunday, March 27

Mord Sith

Amidst of everything you do, sometimes you ought to stop to realize what you've been doing recently if its just a routine either its a must or barely you just love doing, passionately love doing. I've been enjoying styling so far, that's for sure, but gaining weight is another... Stress-juggle, issues-denial, I aint for drama at all but sometimes, really you need to pause for a break before it'll break you.

This shoot kinda showed it, since the last 2 editorials I did really took me alot of planning, and cramming is my least priority thus I take it easy a grasp for a futuristic shoot, since I love the inpiration from the Legend of the Seeker, specifically Cara, Mistress of the Mord Sith*.
Mord Sith - are Lord Rahl's (main antagonist) personal body guards. They are captured as young girls, they are trained using the most brutal methods. Taught to show no mercy, no pity, no hesitation, using thier agiel (batuta) to inflict pain.
One inspiration I took from the runway is the collection of Kermit Tesoro, that why It's mainly placed here in the Moodboard. Sad though that I Kermit do not reply to my quiries. Plan B, look for other designs that showed futuristic appeal, wearable and still can be editorial. Great thing, has a complete photos of the PFW SS2011 thus it's my best way to check collections per designers. Anthony Ramirez, Xernan Orticio, John Guarnes, and Louis Claparols allowed me to pulled these great pieces.... Check out behind the scenes below: Pia Remata. Wanted to involve Pia in this project since she's such a good vibes, and fun to be with. Another potential great stylist...
Of course, the feast. Tat, me, Pia, and Pax, Mitch (taking the pic), after a long day of endless pulls.
Basement of Greenbelt: Good thing we still remember to take this shot before splitting up. Love the thigh-high heels here, damned fierce!
Pax and I acting in doing her layouts... print on print. Thanks Paxie for the photos, I'm too lazy taking behind the scenes.
Our model Jessica in real action figure dress. She looks like a superhero here. Love you Jess!
The team behind, Katch, me, Anton, Rxandy, Dookie, Pax (not visible), Pia. Below is the final release of the shoot titled Mercenary: Agent Procovateur, release last March 4, 2011. The photos was treated in motion as to create a blur effect, a futuristic feel as well, thought of Rxandy.

The colored paneled dress, thanks to John, and the Stella Luna shoes fierced it more!
The huge bangles were customed made by Mong Amado, 2nd collaboration we have. Thanks Mong!

The neckpiece here is so heavy and so tough, that will wear you out just for a sec! Yes, its fashion right? Its a great hard-to-find pieces, thanks to Koket Fashion Accessories in Greenbelt 5.
Anthony Ramirez SS2011 collection is so sporty and fashion forward that the cutouts are genius, and its a mesh material that makes it interesting.
The studed corset armor is a statement from L Manila, designed by Solenn Heussaff.
Studed dress, and hot pink geometrical design by Louis Claparols. Special acknowledgement to Ms. Ruby Gan of Myth for so supportive to me and to Manila Bulletin.
Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Styled by Jear De Mc Cuttac

Hair by Katchie Mejias

Make up by Anton Patdu

Model: Jessica Yang of Mercator

Styling assistant: Pabby Dane De Mc Cuttac

Watch out for my next post guys... my super fab spring summer editorial shoot, and the TOPMAN SS2011 Press Release.

Ciao, and God bless!