Sunday, March 11

Fashion Depot Mag: Modern Vintage

Aisa Ipac, Associate editor of Depot Fashion Magazine, and a close friend of mine, offered if I can style for the main editorial spread. I accepted the chance and of course, I wanted to pump up the page and book the team.

In some cases, networks, and friends come in handy in doing kinda low-budget yet well executed project, and this is really one of those best illustration that truly passion weighs more than finance.

The concept is timeless, classic pieces, or vintage-ish clothing with a modern twist, that can survive years or even decades, we called it Modern Vintage. There are some reference to iconic trends in each era and making it chic and very now.

Check out our final layouts, and with the cover featuring Dimple, styled by bess Aisa.

Here are our the final pages and the team:

Photography: Seven Barretto
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Make Up: Katchie Mejias
Hair: Renz Pangilinan
Model: Priscila Montiero & Miguel Marasigan

70's Boho chic: Hey day inspired. Paisley, colorblocking, and beads.

50's Glamour! Love the lace, applique effect, dress by Louis Claparols from Myth.

20-30's Gatsby... Suits and tailor

60's Fullskirt and dainty lady. Love the flats anyway....

80's Hiphop and Streetstyle... jeans and jackets

70's Beattles' Denim: Printed shirt, jeans and denims 60's Mod! Twiggy's and dresses! Buhis buhay shot, I love how Seven take the risk and all out for this shoot ;)

2000's Boathat and modern chic

I'm so blessed, and I can't say thank you enough to a very talented and a vissionary Seven for gracing this shoot. I love working with Seven and I can't praise him enough since he is really a talented and very nice person.

Thanks to Fashion Depot Magazine, and to the team. Watchout our collab shoot with Aisa Ipac as well.

Thanks alot guys, and watch out for 2 more last pendings, and I'm posting my new updates on the coming weeks.

Bye for now! God bless!

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