Thursday, June 28

Dockers Fashion Feature

 I love brand collaboration because 1.  you got the chance to know the brand first hand, 2. mix the style with what the brand is demanding 3. make it fashionably cool and make it more interesting.

When I was called to do the styling for Dockers to be featured in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section, I said yes!  I know a little about the brand, its market and its style, but a little kinda having anticipation of what the brand is about - its more of the daddy market, old and definitely not chic!  But guess what, it's an immediate assumption, and I'm WRONG!

Here's the release last June 15, 2012.

All shoes are provided by Wade Shoes.  Thanks Ms. Nicole!
Prepping for the shoot.  Checks, khakis, and guess what yes, they are slim fit now!

My styling associate for the shoot is Bianca Sing.  I just super love the passion of Bianca because in between her studies, blog, events, she can still squeeze my request for styling. 

Discussing what to do with the lace? Lols!

Ready, get set, SHOOT! 
 I just wanted to capture the buzz during the shoot :)
 Rochelle Lacuna, our hair/make up artist for the shoot, Bianca and me.
Take a close look of each layouts.
 Styling a man's wardrobe can be sometime very challenging, you can go either safe/common or awkward.
Given the branding, and marketing of the brand, we want to showcase minimal styling with chic and still manly.

 Looks for the office, checkered pants, why not?
 Basic staple for a modern man - khakis!
Just some notes for a room of improvements: I observed that the model seems so short looking though Daniel is 5'11.  I believe to make a tall effect, it should be shot farther and cam should be lower than the model's navel - helps height and slimmer figure. 

Yes, Dockers have colored pants as well - check out their D0 (almost skinny) , D1 (slimfit), and D2 (relaxed fit) fit types.

Dockers is available in major malls and department stores! 

Photography: Yuki Sarto
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Associate Styling: Bianca Sing
Grooming: Rochelle Lacuna

Fashion: Dockers
Shoes: Wade

Friday, June 22

PFW Holiday 2012 - 15 BEST OF SHOW

I mentioned to Rxandy Capinpin, one of the quirkiest photographer I ever met, that I want to do Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 Best of Show again, and as usual, he's REALLY up to it!   I told him I don't want to pressure myself of the planning/pulling thus he volunteered another promising stylist for a collaboration, Raizel Dy.    During our planning week, Rxandy is so excited that for the first time we really talked about the concepts 3 nights prior the big shoot - from the concept, model casting, and location.  I'm so challenged as well since I can feel his energy of that exudes an exceed- expectation-shoot!  

I asked Rxandy not to do the norms as what Fashion Mags usually do.  So we decided to include Menswear and make it TOP 15,  and added a bit of cat-fight, couture VS prêt-à-porter  -  and its among the firsts.  The shoot is inspired by the movie Dark Shadow - a ghost and a crazy girl! 

Booked the models, the team, of course, what I call THE styling team!  Kaye Awatin, Bianca Sing and new apprentice Kat Valdez were involved in the styling as well!  Here are some loads of what happened that day!

Katchie Mejias, our make up artist, and the very lovely Jay Wee for the magical hair!  Make up and hair is inspired by Marchesa Fall 2012 but I told Katch to exagge the gold eye details, and Jay to create a bigger mess for the hair!  Julia can't really speak English and its so funny that we have to demo every scene or poses and what I call botilicious! 

Scary and cute:  Liza aka Lizka is a russian model as well as Julia, she's our interpreter for the day.  Thanks Ms. Shao of Elite Modelling agency for these lovely girls, and the charmer, Rafa :)
I love working with them, they are just so cute! Blonds - Dakota Fanning and Taylor Swift look alike!
We did an additional editorial in Vivere's Art Bar, it's so cool, and Kat, ano to, pls explain? Lols!
From Rxandy's Insta:  The Styling Team, L-R: Kat, Me in Snickers, Bianca, Kaye and Raizel. LOVE!

Check out the official release from Manila Bulletin Fashion Section! Thanks again - MB Fashion Section, Ms. Joyce, and Caloy

Here's the Top 15, in no particular order.
The Dark Shadow opener: 1. Roel Rosal and 2. Happy Andrada

3. Dodjie Batu's Ragdoll

4. Cherry Veric

Mental Institution inspired: 5. Jeffrey Rogrador and 6. Jian Lasala

Andromeda: 7. Jinggo Inoncillo and 8. Dimple Lim

9. Jerome Ang

Advertorial Campaign 10. Veejay Floresca, 11. Dax Bayani, 12. Oz Go

Huntsman Inspired: 13: Enrico Carado,  14. M Barretto and 15. Emi Ingles  ( clothes even sent from Davao City )

I'm both glad and saddened that its over since I really love the shoot, including the starving and pressure of course, though I admit I'm having insomnia attack  last  2 night prior to actual shoot.  I've been very particular of the creative direction and wanted to do everything in proper execution!  

I think a special mention, deserved by Vivere Hotel Alabang for being so accommodating, and even treated us with the Super Deluxe Room! Too bad I didn't take picture of it, and the service and staff - well commended!  I really suggest just try to visit them.

Thanks as well to Janylin Shoes, especially Ms. Cecil Santos for the usual support.  Love Diva for the accessories.  Without the shoes and accessories, we can not complete the entire looks.

Thanks alot as well to these designers, who are passionately in LOVE! I've seen their great creations, and keep those inspiration and motivation kick more asses! Until next season!

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Asst Photography: Jerby Tebelin II
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac &  Raizel Dy
Styling Associates: Kaye AwatinBianca Lorraine Sing, & Kat Valdez
Hair: Jay Wee
Make Up: Katchie Mejias

Models: Liza, Julia & Rafael of Elite Manila
Location: Vivere Hotel Alabang  
For More info, please call 02 771 7777 or visit their site

Saturday, June 16

Phil Fashion Week!

It's Philippines Fashion Week Holiday 2012!  Went to Bazaar of a close friend Ana and of course, my bessy Aisa.  We strolled around the place to look for best finds, and potential pullouts.  Saw Marj, Make up artist, from our SepShai Shoot.  

 Chilltime, with Paul, Ana, Aisa and sorry, forgot the name of the other girl.  My apology.  PR Guy Paul is my new BFF daw hahaha.
 During the SM Show. From Parisian Shoes to the RTW clothing Womens Wear.
 I'm actually starstruck of Ms. Devine Lee.  I just love her vibes and attitude :) GV lang! She even called us afar seeing/falling in line to have a photo of her. Lols  Alot of celebrities came but kinapalan ko na tlaga pag si Divine :)
 Actually, I'm kinda down going to PFW for some personal matters.  My bestbud Rombs visited me and we had our lunch in my fave Racks.  Wow, ubos pera ha laging Racks. 
 Menswear:  Love Dodjie Batu's Ragdoll inspiration.
 Love Jinggo Inoncillo's cutout neutral color blockings. Hip and modern!
Albert Andra definitely knows how to wowed the crowd.
 Ezra Santo's Couture! You'll know if its Filipino Dubai based designer is in... such drama, and breath taking collections. 

 Another Rack's lunch with Pabby this time, and PFW last day.  
 Love Enrico Carado's inspiration.  Though its very controversial, since alot of models had difficulty in walking and keep falling still its a strong collection.
 Happy Andrada.  I think she needs to hold back coming from the last collection, but seeing this, I want her to do what she usually do! She can really conceptualize!

 Michael Cinco show.
 Opening his show with Phil top models.
With ANTM's Allison and Dominique.

 Of course, some teasers! 
 PFW Finale, Jerome Ang show.
 Love the entire show, I thought each piece has its own character.  Very intricate designs, well execution, details, textures, head to toe look, great styling.  Plus, I love the video made Eldz, Bj, and Kabog.

 Lucy in Finale.
Being able to see majority of the PFW shows is such an honoring moment.  I felt proud of what we can do as Filipino, locally in terms of creativity, I think Filipino designers are really talented and skillful wise can really deliver.  The question is why are we so slow in marketing, and progression seems unfelt?  I think we need more of promotion, visibility and market ourselves more!  Social networks, medias is one, talent is another, yet why so slow?  

I've seen designers keep doing same thing, I've seen those from last collection, and even some so simple? Can we really grasp change and move forward or just merely copy another inspiration? Emulation or Self creation?