Friday, May 27

English Garden

This concept is part of the 3 editorials shot in one day in Rx studio, under Rxandy's student,Mherck Caponpon. It would be totally self containing if I'll do all the 3 eds, thus I invited my styling classmate, Lia Contreras to style with me on this editorial. The editorial is just simple, a very young oriented shoot, full of fun, sunshine, and flowers. The inspiration is the English Garden where floral prints dominated the layouts.

Hair and make up is just very commercial. Hair inspired from Alexander Wang runway looks, braids in slight mess look, and make up trend, orange lipstick, since its really IT in this season. The hair was done by my favorite Jay Wee, and make up by Jacky Pante.

I let Lia do the entire styling, where I serve as a guide and did small touches, since I know she can knock this off. I also styled 2 looks since I truly wanted to include something very refreshing and girly on my book.

Check out the final release last May 21, in Manila Bulletin Lifestyle (i) Fashion Section, also check out the additional looks, and hope you enjoy it! Read on.

My 1st girly editorial styling: Rate it, what do you think?
Here's the 2nd one.
The rest are Lia's stint. Hope you like it.
Stylist Job 101: Every stylist should secure every pull is in proper condition. Missing an item, incomplete inventory, even if you didn't use it or even hold it, and when it has damaged, you pay for it. You can request a discount but usually discount is not viable, max 20%, sometimes NONE.

There are alot of 1st here, pulls from Kamiseta, Bayo and Schu. Thanks guys for the trust.

Photography: Mherck Caponpon
Styling: Lia Contreras & Jear De Mc Cuttac
Hair: Jay Wee
Makeup: Jacky Pante

Model: Shin & Celestine of IM Agency
Assistant styling: Joanna Contreras

Special thanks to:
Aldo Accessories

High Fashion Editorial in Punta Fuego.
Diageo QA Team over the time....

Wednesday, May 25


The Fascinator shoot was inspired by the recent Royal Wedding of Kate & William, who could have missed that spectacle of Brittish fashion? We saw alot of fashion hats, fascinators, and other extraordinary headpieces, which the wedding served as a fashion display of creativity and hierarchy, in terms of who wore the biggest, more conceptualized, more elaborate designs. I love to do the shoot, and actually suggested by Manila Bulletin Fashion Section Editor, Ms. Joyce, which is truly a timing grace, thanks Ms. Joyce!
On an instant, I remember Project Runway, Philip Treacy Challenge. Trivia: Philip Treacy is an Irish milliner, other term for hatmaker, that includes designing and manufacturing to some of the great haute couture designers such as Chanel, McQueen & Givenchy. There were already a feature on MB about the fascinator more on beauty (headshot and make up), and I wanted to have a different presentation on how I perceive the Brittish fashion.

Here's my simple moodboard illustrating simple hair and make up. Twiggy inspired, detailed falsies, and super pale make up, hair is sleek, side swept, and the shots more on the head and partly on the body to show clothing as well.

Check out the final release last May 13, 2011, Manila Bulletin Fashion Section featuring Fascinator. Read on:

I love Celestine from IM Agency, at first glace, you can easily identify her resemblace with Kate Middletone. Thanks Prech, IM Agency, for reserving me these 3 models - Celestine on Fascinator, Shin on Full Bloom, and Cecila... coming soon (super excited on the high fashion editorial we had on this). The hair and make up team in super action: Jacky, Jay, and Katchie.

Snapshot of the wardrobes for the 3 editorials. Whew! Check out closer view of the layouts, and discuss:

Beyond LOVE! Evita Peroni + Chris Diaz

Reminds me Coco Chanel and Breakfast in Tiffany. Thanks to Dave Ocampo on this fab hat. Hats off to you, Sir.

My utilitarian look, fascinator from Stephan Acelar, huge thanks. Step, any chance of my name fascinator? Kidding! Envy Wee, and Aries fascinator on the PFW ;)

The classic Victoria Beckam reference look. Thanks Ms. Tina of Evita Peroni.

Touch of Avant from Stephan Acelar.

Kate is this you? Seriously....

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Hair: Jay Wee; Make Up: Katchie Mejias

Assistant Styling: Pabby De Mc Cuttac

Model: Celestine of IM Agency

Special thanks to:

Ruby Gan of Myth

Stephan Acelar

Dave Ocampo

Evita Peroni

K & Company

The Blackshop

A/X Armani