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2011's Trends Forecast

Exactly 10:45pm, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011, Rxandy Capinpin, photographer, texted me if I'm free on Friday, for an editorial shoot for Manila Bulletin Newspaper? Certainly! Who would refuse such opportunity. As I hanged up, my brains crammed up, juggling on how will I able to pull out in just 1 day! Designers, brands, accessories, bags are in flying colors in my mind... but again I know I'm up for a challenge. It's a high risk that I have to make several options, one is local designers. Local designers come so accessible anytime, anywhere! They are stylist's lifesaver, my celebrities, and always fool proof!
No offense, seriously, I have high regards of them, they are my priority for pulls, my fair share of help in showcasing thier ingenuity, and so as promoting thier local talents.

NOTE: Major brands require at least 2-3 days of formal request thru fax/email, then another day for an approval.

Check out my 2nd published work in Manila Bulletin Newspaper, this time, its an editorial spread in Style Weekend, special section of the Newspaper every Friday.

The Cover. The shoot is about Manila Bulletin: 2011's Fashion and Beauty Forecast.
Opening cover story. 1st Look: Playsuit. Contrast-stripe, strapless jumpsuit by Noel Crisostomo, bag and accessories: Maldita, Glorrieta 5, and shoes by Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.
Thanks again Rxandy, I owe you bigtime. Caloy of MB also, for trusting me another project. Let's not forget Ms. Joyce, MB'S Fashion Editor, who acknowledge my 1st work (CLICK). IT really humbles me. Curtain Call: The casts: Caloy, Babe, Katchie, Yara, Dane, Me and Rxandy. This is so funny, because Babe, model's assistant, teaches these models our local dialect, including Pokpok! Yeah, interesting words to learn ;)During the return: Gaupo Shoe Couture, gosh, truly shoegasm here! Thanks to Ms. Ericka who always supports me, and The MB.

Accessories from Maldita, Glorrieta 5. I just love accessories, and who doesn't?

My 2 Angels: Dane and Shannelle, my two nieces. Supporters during the shoot. From returns to helping the model get dressed. Chillax in BK, Glorrieta, after a job well done. Thanks guys, hope you had a blast! 2nd Look: Biker Chic. Colored paneled dress by John Guarnes, black leather jacket by Calliope MOA, black liquid legging by Terranova MOA, and diamond guitar brooch: Stylist's own - Philosophy Men. 3rd Look: Stripes. Teal, ruched, turtleneck top: Maldita Glorrieta 5, black and gray drapped skirt by Anna Leah Salvador, black cutout heels by Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5. 4th Look: 70's Glam. Sequined tube top by Calliope MOA, coal trousers by Mango, glasses by Maldita Glorrieta 5, and Opentoe suede strappy shoes by Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5. 5th Look, The Maxi: Dress brush stroke, and paint spatter maxi by John Guarnes, accessories by Maldita Glorrieta 5, and Strappy silk red shoes by Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.

6th Look: Cropped Top. Cropped shirt: Faith and Fashion, leather cummerbund: Terranova, liquid leggings: Calliope, accessories: Maldita Glorrieta 5, and Copper tassled booties: Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.
7th Look: Tail Hem. Printed shirt: Terranova, drapped sheer gray skirt: Anna Leah Salvador, and strappy satin red-black shoes: Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.

8th Look: Sheer. Muted old rose sheer dress: Faith and Fashion, diamond chandelier earings: Forever 21. My shout out thanks also to Ms. Michelle of Terranova and Calliope, for providing these cool RTW pieces.
9th Look: Ladylike. Swan Dress/ruffled white dress: John Guarnes, brown leather cummerbund: Calliope and brown leather vest: Terranova MOA.

Lucky 10: Loungerie. Nude playsuit: Mica Santayana, lace bodice: Calliope MOA, and copper Tassled shoe: Gaupo Shoe Couture, Greenbelt 5.
First I thought, what if Rxandy or Caloy is challenging me, given I have only 1 day to do pulls and create 10 different, specific looks for a shoot? Then, I realize, after the drama, they just plainly presented me an opportunity, it has definitely a challenge in there, but clearly, its another experience whether I give up or not. Between those grasps of SANA, and I-KNOW-I-CAN-DO-IT thinking, in the end, actually it's a matter of CHOOSING your attitude! Always be positive, and knowing you can really pull it off, without really dragging someone else. Truly, To God be the glory!
Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Hair & Make up: Katchie Mejias
Model: Yara Marinatto of Visage Models
Assistants: Pabby De Mc Cuttac and Shannelle Kabayao
Fashion Editor: Joyce L. Fernandez
Editorial Assistance: Carlos Dela Pasion
UP NEXT: WHAT'S UP DOC? Let me know what you think of my styling or writing here guys. Thanks.

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