Wednesday, October 31

Ex-Diageo Get-Together!

Last Oct 12, ex-Diageo employees had a simple dinner/get-together/October fest-kuno celebration.  It's been almost 6 months that we have been separated and it's very cool to see each other again.

I'm so late since I came from a shoot and haller, STA ROSA, LAGUNA, at ako galing MAKATI pa! lols  But I'm so determined to show up! O ha!   Read on...
Syempre wala ako sa group picture, take 2 na to ha! Hahahaha

All photos taken from Bong :) 
ASPAC Technical Center

Let the feast begin :) 
I missed the Bottling team - Spirit Supply, Bottling and Engineering :( 

I see, so eto na un Oct fest na part! Lols At syempre late ako, nagpapicture na lang ako ng bonggang bongga! Artistahin lang ang peg :) 
 With Ms. Michelle and Ms. Arnelle - mayayaman mga yan! Hahahaha 
 Marissa and Yeng from Technical Center :) 

Yeng and Fey :) 

Ms. Michelle and Ms. Gret  - Cute :) 

Oh, here's our mini-group picture by the way! 

 Since the dinner end up medyo early sa mga to, at gusto pang uminom, change location lang, PASEO na! And after some few bottles, we agreed to chill muna sa SB, lipas amats lang, ayan ha, free promotion of RESPONSIBLE DRINKING yan! Spacer - Frap! Alcohol then Frap! Ewan ko sa mga to! lols  

 Until next time! Miss you already :( Keep in touch in out MOMU Group! Attention sa mga KJ, mag paramdam naman kayo sa group, OO LIBRE YAN, mag online ka kaya! lols 


Tuesday, October 30

Celebrity Living Mag Oct - Rufa Mae Quinto

Before the Oct finally ends, I just want to share to you my FIRST Cover with Celebrity Living Magazine.  When PR, Ms. Lana asked if I can style Rufa Mae Quinto for Celebrity Living Magazine October Issue cover, I tried to control my excitement because I'm such a follower to her during her B movies.

Check our her loft and the super fun shoot ever I had with the magazine.

And the cover! This is actually a long gown by Anthony Ramirez and we just put a clip behind it so it would still look a little more of chic than dressy for a cover.  Special thanks to Ms. Denise of Primadonna Shoes! 

Photography: John Ocampo
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associate: Kai Macabata + Angela Sarmiento
Make Up: Omar Ermita + Hair: Mark Qua

Words: Michelle Carag
Art Direction: Joy Basa
Editors: Sophie Menor + Grace Romero

All accessories from Parfois! Check out her Christian Louboutin Shoes, amongst my fave shoes on her personal designer shoes collection :) 

Option for the opener or intro page.  We already know Rufa but for this shoot we wanted to pump up the chicness, since its given she's sexy and we don't want to stress that in here :) 
I just love her, though the shoot took a little bit of time, she still manages to butt in some jokes and some funny stuff.  The team adore her so much :) Thanks Promod for the printed top! 

Yes, eto yun! Every change of poses, the very candid Rufa always bring some smiles and Yes (Rufa) expression. 
And there you go! Her shoe collections from Chanel, Prada, MiuMiu to Christian Louboutin to Gucci to Versace... and she's wearing one of her fave studded heel MiuMiu :) Jacket from Miss Selfridge, and Yellow python print top from Louis Claparols of Myth.

After the shoot, we have some break, and I requested her to act as if she's kissing me and its seems I'm in doubt! I just love the entire acting scene we have here, LOLS!   THANKS ALOT RUFA! God bless and I know you are really a nice person! 

Thanks again to the CL TEAM - Mitch, Joy, Sophie, John, and Grace and Ms. Lana! 

Of course, pahabol pa ang OOTD look.  Thanks alot Cial!

Special thanks to my styling partners for the day - Angela Sarmiento, and Kai Macabata! Hope you enjoyed the styling guys! Until NEXT!


Sunday, October 28

MB: Pale Fire

Christine Day Lorico, photographer-friend, messaged me if I can style for a advertorial of an alcoholic brand, syempre gora na ako! I love Tin's works for the Nth time, and who can't?  

For more samples of her works, check out her site:

During the pull, I already considering doing another editorial and wanted to surprise her since I know the model already Ciane from IM Agency which I have worked with her before. But since she's not the photographer in the advertorial shoot, different story to post soon, I told Tin to just bring her camera in case!

Until, the day on the shoot, we agreed if we can do the fashion editorial shoot after convincing Ciane and Priscila, booker from IM Agency, and here it is, after so long, lols! 

Our story for this is just basic blacks and gray tones for very sleek, casual-formal chic look.  Clean, nice cuts, little sexy editorial.
She looks like Demi here :) 
All accessories from Parfois

Don't you just love this? All from Folded and Hung

I styled with the ever reliable and efficient Kaye Awatin.

Check her works and blog here:

My Best Pick!

Thanks to Promod for this look!

Thanks Oxgygen! Edgy lang!

Here's the actual release in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section, Friday, 19 Oct, FULL SPREAD! Thanks alot MB, Ms Joyce and Caloy for the support.

Photography: Christine Day Lorico
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac + Kaye Awatin
Hair/Make up: Kaycee Lim

Model: Ciane of IM Agency

Friday, October 26

BTS: Star Magic Catalogue 2013 ft. Bryan Termulo

Last July, I had 2 shoots to prep, and 1 for Manila Bulletin Fashion Editorial in the morning, and Star Magic Catalogue 2013 Edition for Bryan Termulo

The theme for their set of the shoot is more of pastels, sorbet like, powdery colors, perfect for the trend that time.

My niece Pabby take some time to have a picture moments with some of the celebrity :) 

Guess who? Cute
Bryan's set is trio shot.  Check out how wacky Bryan can be! Kulit :) 
Prestyled the white inner, light green coat and yellow pants to Bryan and presented to Kat, one of the lead stylists, and she liked, it was used in the actual shoot. 

Lead stylists for the shoot is Kat Cruz and Rex Atienza. 

Grab your copy now while its HOT! 

Check out the video link below :)

Bryan's set around 1:06

Wednesday, October 24

SM STA MESA Fashion Editorial

I just love styling with SM Malls since you really got the real challenges and perks:
1. Entire floor/s of wardrobe to pulls - eye for style and details
2. Mix -matching different styles and trends
3. Incorporate other participating brands in the eds
4. Working with no-drama-no-stress people

When Manila Bulletin Lifestyle-Fashion Editor Carlos Dela Pasion called to style for SM Sta Mesa, I definitely say YES ASAP. 

Huge thanks to Ms. Athena and Pam from SM Communications Dept.

SM Sta. Mesa is strategically located around major colleges and highschools thus its market and crowd are teens, students, and young professionals. Currently, undergoing renovation for more shopping, and malling great experience. Our fashion story unfolds on the young, fresh fun, and chic looks.

 Check out the official release last Sat, Oct 20. 

Check out each layout with participating brands:

Military and Aztec with pastels - why not? 
Brands: SM Dep Store, Parisian Shoes

Brands: SM Dep Store, Amanda's Place Accessories, Folded & Hung, YRYS
 SM Cinemas - perfect date venue for yuppies :) and HS- college students Brands: Artwork, Von Dutch, SM Accessories, SM Mens Dept Store
 Shop until you drop!  
Brands: SM Dept, Folded and Hung, Susto, Primadonna Shoes
 Chic lang ni Ate ni denims, makabili nga din ng denim tops :) Brands: SM Dept Store, Amanda's Place Accessories, Parisian Shoes
 Love this part, where we need to sync the shoot with the LRT timings. Brands: Folded and Hung, Celine Bag 
 Archades, games, and free throws! So highschool :) 

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Associate Styling: Kai Macabata
Hair: Bryan Yokota
Make Up: Hanna Pechon of Shu Uemura

Models: Gab + Danny of IM Agency
Location: SM Sta Mesa

Ex-Diageo October Fest
Reunited Shoot with Christine
Bacolod's Masskara Festival