Thursday, December 29

High Definition + Motivation

Feast on the 2 editorials I did with the uber talented photographer Christine Lorico. 1st with Samir, IM Agency. Actually, he's kind one of those cutie, very adorable and you just don't want the shoot to end. The inspiration here is D&G Fall 2011. Keynotes: Layering, preppy, stylish...

Released last Aug. 2011, in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section. Thanks MB!

Thanks Starbucks for free drinks to the entire team. Thank you ATC for allowing us to shoot the entire location. SUPER love ko ang merry-go-round, who wouldn't?

Grand central station ang emote ni kuya dito....XoXo

1st layout: Huge crush ko na sya! Ikaw na! Unfortunately, he's out of the country na :(

Oo promise, I'll stop using the hoodie... hahaha.

2nd release is another smoldering Brazillian Augusto. I want to do sporty editorial, but I want redemption on the next shoot probably. I want this to be a motivational shoot for me since I stop going to this gym and gaining weight, kinda reminder, huh. Thanks to Gold's Gym for the location.

Just love the angles, and editting, Tin nailed it. LOVE! Super thanks to Joyce for the logistics and seriously the make up is just so subtle and very natural!

Augusto actually is very manly at walang keme sa katawan, when you say change, he just pull his pants anytime, I mean in a work related way, hahahaha.

Model: SAMIR of IM Agency, AUGUSTO at Reco
Location: ATC, Gold’s Gym, Alabang

Tuesday, December 27

Fashion Rebel

Gosh! Welcome back to me guys, finally, I get back to my blog! Apology on the super late, sorry na pero as I get you loaded on my fashion dish, watch out next year since I'll be uploading more cool and fun stuff. Enough of just fashion eds, but more story and fun eveything under the sun!

Check out our Fashion Rebel shoot, released in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section, which is one of my fave editorial because of the entire attributes, from styling, hair and make up ft. Cecilia from IM Agency, fierce sya actually!

2011 is known for color blocking, and this is one of them.

This is just an additional look, which I pulled the clothes from Rxandy's closet, hahaha.

Trivia: The make up here is inspired from Katty Perry's E.T. In fairview, kay Katchie ha, subrang galing.

Need to add this look since Madam wanted to ft. Mikee, FIP, as well.

Photography:Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling assistants: Pabby De Mc Cuttac
Hair: Jay Wee
Makeup: Katchie Mejias
Model: Cecilia at IM Agency

Basta watchout kayo sa mga susunod na post ko super fun and exciting.... Coming soon!

Monday, August 15

Flapper Dapper

In the fashion world, it's really tough to be in this business. Competition is so high, and every body is a bitch, as expected. That was before I meet Vanessa Matsunaga. Yes, she's the sister of Daniel Matsunaga, such a deary guy. Before meeting her, I really prep myself to be very formal, professional, and very serious. Then that was a complete opposite.

I planned the shoot to be held in TGI Friday's but the marketing is not responding on my emails, and my fax thus I decided to hit all the shoot on Vivere Hotel Alabang. Guys, you should try this Hotel if you're trying to check in with a friends visiting Philippines or just want to stay for a treat. Their staff were the friendliest people I've worked with in a Hotel shoot.

Back to the concept, it's inspired by 20-30's era. Dark make up, thin brows, and very regal, strong features, and don't forget the fringe, furs, and the pearls. Check out the final layouts as it was released in Manila Bulletin last August 12, 2011.
The last layout! I don't want just to do all designer clothes so that other people can relate to wearability accessible to them in RTW dresses.

We dicided to reshoot this since the backlight is much better to have a warm nostalgia effect.

At the lobby. Rxandy got Rain, and Jerby as assistant here to do the lights. Our mini production shoot so far!

Main Lobby. This is the most difficult shot for Vanessa since she needs to sit down at the edge of the chair and stretch her legs to shot length, otherwise the dress will cut short and will show some of her not-supposed-to-be-seen parts.

We're rushing to take a great layout here since the grand piano cost a million bucks! For Fashion, thanks to Eric delos Santos, Simon Vasquez, Zara, and Folded & Hung.

The iconic grand staircase. Special thanks to Ms. Elvie, Hotel Manager, for such wonderful accommodation. Ms. Fritz, her assistant, for the great help in every way she can.

That's all for now, more to come!

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Make Up: Lilian Yeung

Hair: Jay Wee

Assistant Styling: Pabby De Mc Cuttac & Kim Delos Santos

Model: Vanessa Matsunaga of Mercator

Location: Vivere Hotel Alabang

Up Next: The ET inspired make up!

Friday, August 12


I've been planning to shoot the masculine-feminine theme but I can't push the shoot since I want to have more suits and tailored ones. Paul Smith SS2011 is one of the noted looks I'm hunting to draft a final concept.

When I got booked in Vivere Hotel Alabang I planned to do 3 editorials since it's just in my area plus the cozy of shooting in a Hotel. I truly appreciate the staff and especially Ms. Elvie Quiazon, General Manager of Vivere for such generous accommodation, plus she assisted us with super sweet Ms. Fritz in the entire shoot.

This was released after 3 days of shoot, since I noticed last week of July, that Preview, Mega, and Sense & Style Mag has the same inspiration look! What a coincidence! Thus, to release it first here it goes!

Released in Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Fashion Section, last Friday, 05 Aug 2011. Read on...

My Fave!

Thanks Mango for the usual support, anytime, everytime!

I want to play a little range from suits, tailors, a little dress with a coat!

Pre-released as teaser!

That's all folks!

Photography: Patrick Segovia

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Hair: Jay Wee

Make Up: Katchie Mejias

Asst. Styling: Pabby De Mc Cuttac + Kim Delos Santos
Model: Erica of Mercator

Location: Vivere Hotel Alabang

Friday, August 5


When I finished my Fashion Styling study in FIP, under Sir John Herrera, last year, July 2010, I thought, why not do collaborations to built portfolio. I never thought of getting mainstream or serious about it. I messaged fashion photographer Seven Barretto, and opened that I just finished the program, and wanted to work with him for an ex-deal and just for our ports. Seven didn't hesitate and offered that he'll complete the team selection, and that's last year October 27, 2010.

I messaged Kermit Tesoro, and Tina Danaic, and Tina graced my request which I'm very honored, and shocked as well, risking her newest, and outstanding collection during the PFW SS2011. The shoot was so fun, that during the shoot, I'm both overwhelmed and nervous since working with Seven is already a privilege plus Mega's stylist Eldz was there as well. My mom, and niece Pabby was there as well to support me, guess all my family is in it, huh.

The final layouts draws attention that it was thought to be released in magazine, but unfortunately because of 1 designer feat it becomes a lookbook focusing on one designer alone, which we never thought of submitting since it's just for our ports and fun shoot. Later on, as I got a go signal from our hair stylist, Mark Baquiran, then I submit it to for Manila Bulletin. One week passed, and it was released. See the final layouts released last July 29, 2011.

The inspiration actually changes but the concept is that we want to make a strong interpretation since Tina's runway looks where already phenomenon and we don't want to compete or overdo it. Thus, we have our on say to it.
This is the afro-chic runway look... photos courtesy of
Our make up artist, Lilian Yeung nailed the peg, and as you can see it's super fab. You can check her here Hair Stylist Mark Baquiran has it's own suggestion which worked it out

Take a closer look of the final layouts:

Trivia: It took 3 persons to have the this blown shot. One to hold the fanning, and 2 heads to work on the garment throw.

Super thanks to Golddot as well for those fierce shoes! Check their rocking shoes

Some additional/unpublished layouts, where I grab from Lilian's, and still amazes me.
Huge thanks to the team, guys I owe you one. Seven, man, you rock! Thank you so much! You can check Sev's works here and these layouts were there as well, click Fashion 1 and just drag. Yippee!

Photography: Seven Barretto
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Make Up: Lilian Yeung
Hair: Mark Baquiran of L'Oreal Professionnel

Asst. Styling: Pabby De Mc Cuttac
Model: Zhenya

Tuesday, August 2

Little Bastard

The key in every shoot's successful execution I believe in planning. This plays a crucial part from casting, pulls, and working every team's sched from make up, hair, photographer, and most specifically, getting the model. I've been planning to shoot in Alabang Town Center because 1. great scenery 2. seldom used locations 3. near to my place. I tried pulling in the mall as well, and come so easy, and the most heavenly news I got is the approval of the use of the entire location!

I called Christine Lorico, our hobbyist photographer, who shoots great images, and its no doubt, outside shoot is perfect for the concept. We sched to shoot 3 editorials for a day, and here is one of the 3.

Released last July 22, Friday, in Manila Bulletin Lifestyle-Fashion Section, titled "In Perpetua":
My inspiration on this is James Dean, a legendary American film actor, who died in a car crash. The concept has been overused, so and well adapted thus we are so careful not to tag along the wagon. A little men's simple beauty at this time, very minimal styling, and just your typical guy.

Rodrigo, our model, is a perfect pitch! Just take a closer look just even 1 minute...Thanks to Tin, being part of the casting, with so many setcards to choose.... thank God it's Rodrigo. Thanks Mau of Mercator!
Huge part of the styling here, I involved Lui Cuevas, my stylista batch, fashion styling classmate. In our batch, we used to call our batch - stylista, obvious reason that some schools had their nicks ex. La Sallian, Atenista, etc.
Some of the unpublished shots.
Huge thanks to Ms. Arianne of Marketing, ATC, for such accommodation.

Trivia: Little Bastard is a nickname given by his coach to his car. By the way, James love speed racing!

The make up by Ms. Joyce, once again... its no hypnotism... just look into his eyes! Swoon...
Kudos to the team! Until next release.

Photography: Christine Day Lorico
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac & Lui Cuevas
Grooming: Joyce Seludo
Model: Rodrigo of Mercator

Location: Alabang Town Center