Saturday, December 8

MB: Overcast

This is 1 of the 3 shoots we did in ONE day! Remember the FW12 Menswear Trend! Yes, Tizziano is one of them and had his solo here! Released last Nov. 23 in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section - Fashion Editorial's Overcast.

The inspiration of the shoot is the fall trend for menswear in knits, dark tones,  office to clean cut, wearable clothing.

Note if you find the layouts, too big! Yes, I made it bigger, for your eyes to pop in his awesomeness! Lols! 
 Special thanks to: Oxygen and Forever 21 Men, all watches from Swatch and shoes from Flying Dutchman.
 This layout, thanks to Aldo Accessories, and Folded and Hung. 
 Dodgie Batdu and Forever 21 Men. 
 Massimo Dutti, and envelope bag from Myth.
 Overall look from 5cm and Springfield bag (stylist's own :) 
 Coat and pants from Zara
Springfield and bag from Flying Dutchman. 

Check out the final release below.
Photography: Seven Barretto
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associates: Kaye Awatin and Angela Sarmiento
Hair: Mark Familiara
Make Up: Rxandy Capinpin (YES! Sya nag make up dito!)

Model: Tizziano of Ideal People
Location: Nostalgia - More than a chair

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Saturday, December 1

PM: Kimpoy Feliciano - Director's Cut

Kimpoy Feliciano is September issue of Pinoy Magazine.  Quite surprised he has 400K+++ twitter followers so I kinda get so curious with this guy.  So, when Annie asked if I can style him for the cover, you know the answer, I love Annie and Ayels! I know its late but I guess, very timely for Kimpoy's launching his self-titled debut album.

Check out the Photographer's Cut - final layouts! 
The styling team prep 4 looks for this shoot, together with Kaye Awatin and Angela Sarmiento.  We split the 4 looks and I styled for this 1st look (below)! Uber thanks Topman for the overall clothing provider for the shoot! I just love this sweater :) and polka dot polo :) 
Collab styling: Me and Kaye. Asked Kay to use this Varsity Jacket from Flying Dutchman :) 
Thanks Sebago for the uber cool shoes! You can check out their tri-color collection! Feel bad that I didn't get this green-blue-yellow boatshoes :( its now OOS, but don't worry they have new other colors.  Each color - collection is limited, few pieces only! Styling team thanks also Flying Dutchman for the cool Varsity Jack! Asting ni Kimpoy dito! 
 Styled by Kaye
 Styled by Angela
 Since I wasn't able to had a shot with Kimpoy on the first look, well, here, better late than never :) Kasi may mga solo shot din mga interns ko sa ilalim :) 

Kaye ha, infair, paraho kayo naka Varsity jack :) Sweet coincidence.

Check out the official teaser and cover below!

Photography: Darrel Pobre
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associates: Kaye Awatin and Angela Sarmiento
Grooming: Ruth Spence

Special thanks: Topman, Sebago and Fyling Dutchman

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Sunday, November 25

Flying Dutchman Holiday 2012 Lookbook

I'm so excited to share with you, guys, the Flying Dutchman Anniversary Lookbook shoot in time with their store opening in The Collective :)  Dig some what's happening on this day and the final/official lookbook shots :) 
Its the entire team from David Guison, FD ambassador to the entire team :)
 Some of the goodies :) 
New collection includes apparels - tops, longsleeves, tanks, shorts and Flying Dutchess' shoes :) 

Check out our official lookbook shots

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Grooming: Hanna Pechon of Shu Uemura

Model: Danny of Mercator

Special thanks to: Anton Patdu for helping me look for the perfect model, since male model booked for 1 week cancelled last minute like 4hours prior to the shoot.  So thankful and grateful to Anton and to Danny :)

Rxandy suggested if we can make it little quirky and stay away from the usual serious, fierce LB and actually I've been thinking to make it little crazy but little hesitant that Jonathan and Stanley might be shock :) So we assured them that its gonna be cool to have a different approach since the market is yuppies and students :) 

Used some props in the studio since Rxandy has alot of it :) and to have variations tried some no-gimmickry shots as well :) Hope you like it guys! This is one of my faves!
This too :) 

This too! 
David Guison, FD Official Ambassador 

Until next :) 

Friday, November 23

CL: Coach Chot Reyes

Mitch Carag, Celebrity Living Editor, requested if I can style PBA's Coach Chot Reyes, with PR Ms. Lana.   Its quite hard to say NO with these cool people :) plus hey I love basketball!  Check out Celebrity Living Magazine November issue with Geneva on the cover.
Little Insta post :) 
The place is really modern and minimalist-chic.
Up in the bedroom area, where Angelo, writer, my styling-intern Kai, and Mitch.  
LOVE this LV loafer! 
Coach Chot is really cool, funny, and very optimistic kind of person, I can really feel his good aura and natural-kindness persona :)
Check out the official photos as seen on the Mag. 

Living Room Shot
Outdoor-pool shot

Until next post guys!

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Wednesday, November 21

Bacolod Vacay: Episode 4: Huling Hirit

During my last 2 days stay in Bacolod, I definitely would want to go out and just spend time with the family.  Since, I haven't got my college transcript and diploma, I asked Shannelle, my niece to accompany me in Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod.  

The school entrance and some of the areas were renovated and improved :) Definitely, need to check the basic hangouts, and hotspots back then when I was in college...reminiscing....

Learning Resource Center - aka Library  :)
They got wi-fi na! Bongga! 
My Engineering Department :)  Before it used to be Technology Department because among engineering courses offered - ECE, CHEMEng, ELEC, and MECH, my course BS. Chemistry is the only non-engineering course included in the department :) Cool right! 
I was quite very ecstatic to see familiar faces and some of my profs were still there.  L-R. Mrs. Encabo our Algebra, Mrs. Jo our Dept Secretary, and Tatay, our acting Dean, during our time :) 

I wasn't able to meet Nanay Milay, my mentor, BS Chemistry head, professor in major chemistry subjects, since she's teaching in some school na, and got only 2 days left.  I probably see her next time. Miss you Nanay Milay :)

I went to CSA-B since they are the only college offering BS Chemisty in Negros Occidental, next is Silliman University which is in Negros Oriental, which is way too far for me.   After, finishing the clearance, paying all the payables.  I asked Shannelle we need some food tripping and off we go to Calea Lacson for some sweet retreat! 

 Quite surprised that the per slice costs around Php 85 only, and the cap is around Php 90.  To be safe, always ask for the bestsellers :) 

Ordered blueberry cheesecake, mudpie - amongst their bestsellers, and a cappuccino for me :) 

Cheesecake - little flat on the texture, I love the subtle sweetness, size is reasonable.  Rating 3/5.

Mudpie - love the sliced nuts, ice cream melts fast, texture and sweetness is ok. Rating 3/5.

Shannelle ordered frap with ice cream, talking about sweettooth right? 
I want try their cookie as well at Php 35, not bad at all. 

After some light meal, I told Shannelle she badly needed some hair cut.  We went to Robinson Bacolod and had some minor make over :) 
I want to eat something unique here in Bacolod, and it's not available in Manila thus we decided to eat in Chika-an.  A native resto speciallizing local delicacies :) 
Mom, and my niece Sunny meet us in Rob for a simple dinner :) 
Ordered their best sellers - rellenong bangus, and spicy shrimp, just want to rate it 2/5 :( I love their cucumber ice tea however very distinct taste but relaxing :) 
And since, there's still some Masskara displays along the hallways of the mall, we took some photo session with it :) 

UP NEXT! My mini-send off dinner with the family :) Last na promise :)