Monday, September 29

ELEVATE: Personality Development Seminar

Guys, just few days left to be registered! Be counted in 

Elevate: Personality Development with Personal Branding thru Fashion Styling.

Oct 11, 2014
SMX Convention Center Pasay City

P3,500 Registration includes:
Seminar Kit
Certificate of Attendance
Loot Bag
AM/PM Meal

Should you have any questions, please call 706 2069 / 706 1971 

See you guys! 

Wednesday, September 24

IS: Next Wave of Promising Young Stars

Last month, August, Inside Showbiz team thru Camille called me to list down and email all celebrities I've styled with... I don't have a clue who will I put on the list because I might choose different genre, age or market, or relevance... only to find out she was actually brewing something huge for me!

15 Young and Upcoming celeb, 3 Networks, and in 1 magazine, which I already had a teaser as 15 X 3 X 1. The shoots were held in 3 different dates and some are tight, and I owe it alot to H&M special mention to Ms Nikki which majority of the clothing came from it.  I can't, of course, be more thankful to Ms Marge of Tees & Things for some of the clothing as well.

I watched Diary ng Panget (DNP) and I was an instant fan of #JaDine love team. And of course major crush on James Reid and when I got a text from Camille that its gonna be the same cast in DNP to TBYD I go ballistic! Hahaha #dreamsdocometrueevenpakiligmomentlang 

We are asked to prep 1 solo layout and 1 group  here are some of the photos including the cover inset of Nadine and James.

Basically the requirement of the shoot is that it should be all in casual denims...  I tried to style different looks and use of denim to somehow incorporate personalities from casual chic, relaxed sporty to dressy Jane. 

Thanks to my styling team, who even made it big on the 3rd day of shoot, thanks alot gurls! 
Vince Abarra
Philip Malala
Ipo Gonzales
Baron Solomon

And the fangirling moment :) 

Special thanks to H&M, Tees and Things, Folded and Hung, Koket Fashion, Janylin, and Evita Peroni.