Monday, October 11

Fashion Wars

Prior to Fashion Week, I had a great time styling 3 models for an upcoming Fashion Wars Openshoot teaser. Pax got to syle the girls, and me for the boys. The concept was very fall/autumn, with very runway look with a very distinct styling for very formal to very casual direction.

The Openshoot will be on Oct 23-24, 2010, held at Calibre Studio in Makati City. A pre-lunch Party will be celebrated on Oct 12 at VIP in Timog.

I've really prepared for this shoot, after somehow knowing that MJ's shoot usually is a hyped one, alot of people really are going in this shoot.

Pax and I agreed to maximize our resources and really worked on more research for more looks and concept on the upcoming openshoot.

How do I feel and think about all of this stuff? For One, I need to really keep updating my sched - Oct 12: VIP Prelunch Fashion Wars Party; Oct 17: Little Red Riding Hood shoot; Oct 20: Rose's Wedding; Oct 23-24: Fashion Wars Openshoot; Oct 25-30 Philippines Fashion Week.

I think I need a break a little after which.... recharge, and contemplate for upcoming shoots.

Till here, and if you happen to read this, for suggestions, comments, please let me know.


Stylista Jear

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