Wednesday, June 29

After Hours

Last April, I messaged Seven Barretto, fashion photographer, if he's interested to shoot for an editorial in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section. He kindedly graced my request, and it was totally a pleasure and such an honor working with this talented genius.

This is my 2nd shoot with him, and the 1st one, will be out soon! I tried to make it very creative and pull all my best stunt since this guy really knows creative direction, and artistic shots. Inviting him to do the eds is my way of thanking him for an X-deal shoot we had on the 1st one, as a neophyte in the styling acts. He is so down to earth very, humble, and gosh, I can praise all day, but I know you get the point. He's one of the nicest person I've met, in regards to his experience and status right now.

Here is the 1st installment of the shoot we have, released last June 17, 2011 in Manila Bulletin Newspaper, Lifestyle-Fashion Section. Read on...

Here is moodboard, one of the original concept I submitted to our super supportive, Fashion editor, Ms. Joyce. Get on the floor is inspired by the clubwear, very chic that ranges from hiphop, sexy chic, gossip girl-alike to your just normal girl. Released later on to go with an article by Jaz, one of the fashion writer in MB, perfect timing.

Feast on!

The shoot actually is scheduled way back, but since Pauline was in a work abroad, and be back after holy week, thus we sched it right then. Perfect timing, and there you go... nice cue! Super thanks as well to Pau for so always game, and always so supportive of the shoot!

Trivia: Pau just love this, and bought one that had it's debut in Bora. FnH Maillot swimwear, a hot item!

Homegirl inspired. Thanks to Jill Medina, Pax's recommended her since I badly needed a styling assistant. One of her firsts as well, as a stylist! Kudos Jill!

The make up was done by Ms. Joyce, my first published collab with her after our openshoot days. Thanks Joyce! For Make up works you can email her at

Majority of the shoes used here, is Jill's shoes. Yeah, she has a model's size, good for us!

Huge thanks to the team!

Photography: Seven Barretto

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Make Up: Joyce Seludo

Hair: Katchie Mejias

Asst. Styling: Pabby Dane De Mc Cuttac

Model: Pauline Prieto of Elite Models

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