Thursday, September 5

Rxandy X Enrique: Conceptual Styling

I know I've been a mood or story board freak, most of the fashion people I've worked with they are familiar how I work and how crucial pegs to me.  Doing pegs, moodboard or storyboard  can sometimes can be very challenging and exhausting.  You have some creative thoughts of doing crazy things and just  want to make an art.  Mood or story boards, pegs usually is a guide to have a cohesive, and directional look and story of an editorial but sometimes I felt I'm bounded, limited, restricted by my freedom to do different concept and especially in terms of creative styling is concerned.   You want to produce new, original, and creative masterpiece but hey isn't everything done already? 

I know by now that I'm more of a commercial approach, but I want to experiment conceptual, crazy ideas as well.  It's fun, free flowing and sometimes very exhilarating!   Check out our final layouts in collaboration with conceptual photographer Rxandy Capinpin and awesome model Enrique Noir.

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Grooming: Katchie Mejias 
Model: Enrique Noir

I want to experiment textures from feathers to leather, to appliques...

Love these body armor accessories and ring-bracelets by Love Diva.

Statement Neckpiece by Arnel Papa

Of course, I want to incorporate RTW pieces from 5CM, entire look! 

These 2 are my fave shots!  Just DIG!

Up Next!  Lookbook Series ft. celebrities, bloggers, normal  and fiercely real people styled on my on visual interpretation of their personal style!  


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