Wednesday, September 19

Uniqlo Fall 2012 Fashion Show

 Last March, Manila Bulletin's Carlos Dela Pasion, called if I can style for Uniqlo for their first press release.  I say yes, and I tag along Kaye Awatin on this.  Remember this? 

After a huge opening here in Philippines last June, APMR's Account Director Ms. Cheryl Lim called me to style for Uniqlo's Fall Fashion Show, which was held last August 22, 2012.  The client liked our work from MB's Press Release thus book me again for the project, and definitely I need to tag Kaye Awatin for this.

I booked a team Argie, Bianca, Kai, including me and Kaye, of course.  I called bessy Aisa as well, since I believe she's from a trip, and luckily she'll be arriving that day, no sleep, from Baguio! Now, Team, check!

Prior to the actual runway show, I meet the entire AMPR team and the clients as well.  We have some fashion show look guides and need to present it on the actual models.  Fitting, instructions, presentation were done and finally, next day THE FASHION SHOW!  Each Presentation is categorized on the design and types of material used in the clothing, well after all Japanese are known for quality, technology and functions.
 Check out, the racks of clothes for us to choose from:

ULD - Ultra Light Down, very light weight actually, you can really feel the soft texture - imagine goose feathers! 
 Kaye and I need to run after presentation to pull shoes from JANILYN Glorietta 5.  Thanks alot Ms. Cecil for such a great help! 
 Kaye and I need to be in the area around 8am, though the fashion show will start at 3pm.  We need to style 6-7 mannequins displayed across the runway.

 I styled 2 male mannequins, and distributed the rest to the team for them to style as well.  I styled the mannequin in maroon pullover with cap, and the checkered LS below.
Knitwear - styled by Argie and Aisa

 Designers Invitation Project - Uniqlo collaborated with well-known Japanese designers to create pieces that is easy, chic and everyday wear.
Menswear:  Thank you Flying Dutchman for providing fab shoes on all the male mannequin-display and on the runway show.

Getting ready for the adrenaline rush, the team had to have a quick shot before the ngarag look :) Backstage of the runway.  Organize kami oh ah! 

The show is hosted by MYX's VJ Bianca Roque and I styled her chic outfit :) Check it out, and let me know what you think?

 Its Autumn-Winter colors in plum, maroon, dark orange, gray, navy, etc.

I can definitely wear this! 
The AIRism in gray top - so light, so easy that you wont feel you're wearing one
Love stripes, but afraid it will create wider look? then use it as inner wear with a button down pullover or a deep V or scoop outerwear.


 It's a wrap! Chris Tiu and Chito Miranda of Parokya are just some of the endorser of the brand.

Thanks alot and Congratulations UNIQLO! Cheers Styling Team

Kai, Kaye, Bianca, Aisa, me, and Argie, of course my brother Marcial as well, taking the photos.

Special thanks also to Janylin  and to Ms. Cecil for providing runway shoes. 

NEWSFLASH: Got an exciting another event this November coming from Uniqlo! Keep Posted!

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