Saturday, December 28

SW: Designer Spotlight Eric Delos Santos with muse Marina Benipayo

BOOM! Presenting Eric Delos Santos, Winner of the Top Asian Fashion Designer in a recently concluded Fashion Asia Awards 2013, Pret-a-porter Category held in Chengdu, China.

Check out the looks that made into his feminine-romantic design aesthetic!
Eric's beloved muse is none other than the iconic model/personality 
Ms. Marina Benipayo.

During the shoot, I was so tensed that she might be uptight, or strict, again, don't ever prejudge!  She's so adorable, so funny and love to work with!

Check out rest of the out takes of the shoot.

I just love these layouts, it showed the fun, and cool friendship both build over time. 

One of my fave layout.

Congrats Eric, you definitely deserve all the success and cheers for more blessings.  We definitely recognize one's imprint in a dress, its fab Eric!

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