Friday, March 28

SW: Alden Richards Cover Story

 I just love working with recurring model/celebrity because you got to make another different look/style for them, and you got to compare your work if it evolve, improve or progress over a period of time.  

This time its Alden Richards, when Managing Editor Ms Maris texted me if I can style Alden, I totally freaked one... 1. He's a charmer 2. Got to re-style different look and 3. Another cover!  I couldn't thank more the SW Team! 

 Check out the final and some of the unpublished photos in the shoot.

Before the actual shoot or story submission, I consider previous looks, published style, and trends that has been done especially for a specific celebrity-cover.  In this case, Alden has graced a cover of Garage with sporty, color-block scheme and Mega Man released a summer campaign of FHM in their editorial.  Thus, in story board creation, I took the consideration of what has been done and explore the Menswear Trends and mix them up!

Played the florals and athletics, why not both? Right?  Check out below and let me know what you think of the looks.

One my fave, and he was actually wearing gold chain bracelets.
Cool and Cute!

Florals and longsleeve cutouts! Top by Francis Libiran of Myth, Zip detail pants by Renan Pacson.

Photography: Chester Ang
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Assistants: Aira Ainomra, Patrick Perez
Grooming: Al De Leon 

Special Thanks to: Ms Maris, and the rest of the SW Team!

Given a no print layout as breather in between and focus on the athletics!

Coolest photos up next!

And of course, I won't slip the couple shot! Hehehe

Until next, its EPIC, promise!

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