Monday, April 21

Different Styling Stint of March!

Here we go! I know it has been all about styling-fashion, just a little bit of patience, I'm prepping something big for the next posts! Clue: NON - FASHION related, now, discuss.

First Up! Inside Showbiz ft. Miles and Marco on the cover! Styled this 2 young sweethearts.

What do you think about their looks here?

Styling Team: Klaudeen Cawili, Timmy Smithson, Karen Abella, Patrick Perez

It's my 3rd run for SM Southmall 3 Days #theBIGSale.  So thankful of the clients who keep coming back and keep trusting my team.  My big shoutout thanks to SM.

Styling Team: Dane De Mc Cuttac, Psay Castro

Another 1st in my experience probably is the Campaign in a Calendar for a Phoenix Gasoline.

This is actually prior to my Cambodia Trip.  Thanks Ms She! 

Styling Team: Gracie Millan, Timmy Smithson

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