Saturday, January 22

Persian Prince

I want to do an editorial shoot with great photographer/graphic artist, Darrel Pobre. The inspiration is from the recent PFW SS2011 collection of Menswear designer, Ulysses King. He described his collections as - "Ancient & modern collide with the cross boarders design inspired form the strength, mystery, and beauty of the desert - hot, rigid, and unforgiving - where the travelers see the world in a grains of sand".

He has a very descriptive, intense, and accurate direction of his looks. What I want to showcase is my own interpretation of his collections. I had to check the facebook and though since I missed the menswear collection, too bad ;( Check out below:
One of the cool movie character is Jake Gyllenhall, in Prince of Persia, where I got the inspiration of rugged, sexy, mystery look.

To know about what is done, I also had to secure a copy of Uly's presskit, to see what were already been done, so as to have my own interpretation of the looks.

The actual runway shots, from the PFW SS2011. Shots taken from

My ever supportive, make up artist Melu Jean Apostol, doing the intricate details of the make up, and we need to darken Pete aka Rafael so he would look somehow very mediterranean.
Check out our own interpretation of the collection, with so more spice added by Darz, our photographer.
Our Cover: The Jumpsuit, and at the presstime, Ulysses, used this cover as his facebook profile, super cool that he liked the shots, and coined as - "OMG--this is one of the best! So metromasculine, and sexy -- very good job Jear and the team (Darz, Melu, Pete) -- I love it!!! Let's also thanks Edmir Lagui for the accessories ALL available at Bobon, The Podium." - Ulysses King.
Separates: At first, I'm having second thoughts on the model, if he can pull it off, and it turned out, he is now improved, and I can see his creativity, and fair enough, I'm impressed. Kudos, Pete.

Metrosexual Deciphering
Huge thanks to Bobon, The Podium, for all the outrageous beautiful accessories we have on the shoot.
Super love the shoot, despite limited time and resources. I think overall we have a great job here. This is my 2nd editorial shoot with Darz. The 1st one, soon....
Designs: Ulysses King
Photography: Darrel Pobre
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Make-Up: Melu Jean Apostol
Model: Rafael Ombac
Thanks to Mommy Shayne as well for always there for the support.
Let me know what you think of the shoot guys.


  1. I love the concept of prince of persia, Jear!:) The shoot looks awesome!

  2. Thanks for following, and the appreciation Ava. Miss you hope we can get together with Pax soon!