Wednesday, January 5

Christmas Bash!

It's Christmas Time again! Late posting but I just love to share this huge bang as the last month of the year! True words to its purpose, Diageo Phils. held its Christmas Parties big time, as expected. Diageo Demand and Supply celebrated the much awaited Christmas Party at the Pier 1, The Fort, last Dec. 17, 2010. The theme is Hippie: chill, cool vibes! Drag, and check photos below:

A cool invites was sent thru email, topped with guest band Daughters 5, and hey then can really sing, dance, and play real music. The band is made of 5 female siblings, Jury: vocals, April: lead guitar, Apple: bass, Queency: percussions, Twinkle: violin. The band reminds me of my fave band The Corrs, less the tin whistle.

We're late and I'm starving here, and Dani took this photo right just in time ;)

The handpicked hippie dressers! Too bad I didn't come in theme, sayang ang prize! Hahaha
Funtime! Ken is the most autistic person I know hahahaha.
Round Robin: This is where drinks been passed through and everybody should drink. Hello! Everybody drinks in Diageo, that why we are the world's PREMIUM drink company. Note: among Diageo brand portfolio, I just hate whisky, I breath, taste alcoholic beverage everyday!

Red HOT Pink! Unfortunately, I can't find my pink shirt, thus I need to improvise to get along with this two. Paul, Rina, and I agreed to wear pink on the event! Not in Pink? Pasaway!

My QA & Risk Team: L-R: Cha, Pat, Adrian (non QA), me, Head Erwin, and Ken!
The fun is just starting here! Below with super cool, and sweet Remma after the party!
QA & Risk: Christmas Party. Christmas Party Count: 2
We can't just slip Christmas without celebrating with our closest team, our very own team, actually my 2nd family already. We wouldn't want to miss as well our fave feast, sharing our inspiration, and what we are so thankful from the last year, and to look forward ahead!
Of course, the gift giving begins...
I'll definitely missing this hair :(
Happy Holidays! Also, starting to figuring out my next new year resolution...

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