Saturday, January 29

Give a Gift

Just a quick break from my Styling Theraphy, I just really wanted to share this very uplifting experience I have during our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. Diageo's way of contributing to the society, we might call it charity, we called it CSR, this time is thru celebrating Christmas Party in the Orphanage, and we coined it "Give a gif to the Little Angels". The last CSR activity we have is a Medical Mission in the GK-Diageo Village, where I helped getting BP of the people before they had thier consultation, yeah I know how to operate those stetoscope*!

The whole Supply Team went to Little Angels Orphanage, Tagaytay, last Dec. 10, 2010. The team celebrated Christmas party with these little angels together with the famous bee! Check it out below:

*A Y-shaped instrument that amplifies body sounds such as heartbeat, breathing, and air in the intestine. Used in auscultation.
These are the gifts we brought, where each employee randomly picked for thier angel and thier angel's wishlist a week ago prior to the activity.
The Vitality Team, internal group/event organizer, prepared some parlor games, and fun-filled activities for kids, so just a brief period of time, the kids and surprisingly us, able to forget all the worries, and just enjoy being kids, and having a new found friends.
Our Production Manager, Rich, with this super cute, super aloof kid ;) Who would have thought he's an orphan, very adorable right?
After the games, its time to reveal who we picked and give thier wish! Unfortunately, my little angel Emmanuel was in the foster care. Too bad I didn't get the chance to give him my present. Emmanuel's wish is a RC car.

When everybody is busy with thier angels, I poke Phil to take the shot of me with the sisters, and again, everybody is plaguing my area... nice, very nice!
It's really chilling in here, I'm wearing a scarf already yet imagine we are still chilling in cold. L-R: Eugene, Ces, Paul, and me ;)
After the gift giving, the Little Angels surprised us a simple song number, with Jollibee in it, actually he's just mimicing these kids, LOLs.

Me and Ces bonding. And my lost phone! :( Below, we had the class picture!
The CSR activity is so cool at first, and during the time, there are some tiny moments where I had some space to think how blessed I/we are. We have everybody: family, friends, collegues to support, protect and love us. These kids where brought in here with a purpose and it just saddened me that these innocent kids had to live up a very tough, and independent life from a very young age. I'm happy for Emmanuel, though I'm so excited to see him too, that he got some foster parents to take good care of him in a short span of time, in the merriest season of the year. Let's just be good to each other guys!
I had to have some spacers here, from a very emotional reading. Thanks December for allowing me to wear knits, and scarf! Fall inspiration details... check out my chictopia blog (click, click the blue).
Staff Lunch
Early on, prior to the Little Angels event, Stephan, our Suppy Director, initiated to take a simple lunch break to sincerely thank the Team thru sumptuous lunch, catered and perfect served! The entire Supply Leadership Team (SLT) literally, are our food server/placers. Below, are just a snop shot of the said activity:

Stephan, and Erwin, my boss, serving Bogs and Gelo. Relax lang sa cholesterol at taba... medyo lumolobo tyo! Peace be with you guys.
Our turn, the ever sweet Totan, me, Cez, Pat, Euge, and Marriane.
Bon a petit!
Up NEXT: What's Up, Doc?

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