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Duet: Iconic Duo

When I'm thinking of the concepts to submit or to shoot, I wanted original concept as possible. We do all know that all creative interpretations, may in the form of inspiration from other works, could be an original as long as you have either - an original story, creative direction, and I think, guts to do it. It's been my 3rd styling job for Manila Bulletin, and on my 4-5th, I wanted MB to step a notch in fashion and thus proposed the SLIM's couture and The Iconic Duo.

Iconic Duo is basically a powerful collaboration of 2 artists in one video/song. I wanted to make reference in thier music video and took what made a lasting impression in terms of clothing or styling. I think the concept is cool, and as I know its original.

The moodboard showed 7 of the best collaborations, basing on their form of artistry and name. The hair and make up are just simple to easily recognize the duos. Enjoy the making of the DUET, and check out my favorite as well!

Artisans: Hanna, make up for Jasmine; Lilian, make up for Fatima; and Jay Wee, hair stylist.

The Main: I loved this look but I never expected this will be the opening. I pulled from my cool friend Paul Guzman, his Nike 6.0 thus it makes it more interesting, plus the final layout came out as a killer.
Diva moment: 1st layout, the basic doubles! Mariah and Whitney wore similar clothing in the MV and even an awards show with just the length. We just want to make it simple and wearable here, plus who wouldn't want the classic LBD.

I find these duo very minimal and we wanted to go beyond thier MV yet we feared that they might not be recognizable therefore we stick to the same silhouette with slight twist courtesy by the designs of Arnold Galang in ruffled suit: basic and unsymmetrical cut.
Jasmine: Alas! My first collab work with Jas, I specifically choosen her for this because I wanted to represent her as the soft one in the duos.
My partner, Aisa, grabs me here for a quick shot, since Im running to-and-fro during my 1st concept: PatriotiSLIMS. Bes, hope you won't burn out yet ;)
Manila Bulletin Lifestyle section: 1st page featuring Duet, released last Feb. 19, Saturday.

Page 2: 3 of the final layouts at the back of it. Check out besides it, make up feat. with photographer BJ, coincidently will be working this March, for TOPMAN's press release.

Check out and enjoy the final, bigger pictures:

LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE: Eminem ft. Rihanna (2010). Definitely a smash collabs, giving E a numerous nominations in the Grammy, plus this is really a hunting song, a duo you couldn't miss!

VIDEOPHONE: Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga (2009). I wanted to take Telephone as well, yet the clothing and styling there is too editorial and very high fashion in another way, thus I'm thinking, I wanted to stay on the wearability and consistency of the entire layouts. Maybe on the other concept, and also Lady Gaga will be featured two times already, what do you think?

WHEN YOU BELIEVE: Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (1998). Why not? they are the representative of the Divas in us, also I'm thinking why not Barbara and Celine? Read my thoughts?

PUT IT IN A LOVE SONG: Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce (2011). Actually, this is my inspiration of the entire shoot, where it all started when I'm planning to submit concepts to style in Manila Bulletin. The music video for this is not yet released as of this time, yet there were some unofficial fans and paparazzi shots taken during thier video recording and showed wild prints on prints clothing and fun styling which later on shifted to Mardi Gras shot in Brazil. Shot last year and supposed to be released in March of 2010. Cry no more, this will be officially on Spring Break in States, so a couple of months from now. (Writer's Pick)

SCREAM: Michael and Janet Jackson (1995). The powerful moves, and futuristic scheme, a total counter!
TICKET TO RIDE: John Lennon and Paul McCartney, The Beattles (1968). They don't exactly have a duet in a video, but upon research they are writting buddies, and made dozens of great songs for thier band, The Beattles. This is also suggested by my buddy Aisa, since majority of my pick coming from the later generation, thus to represent the heydays, I gladly included this. Thanks Paxy.

ME AGAINST THE MUSIC: Britney Spears ft. Madonna (2003). The crowning glory of Britney invasion.

Photographer: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac & Aisa Ipac
Make Up: Hanna Pechon & Lilian Yeung
Hair: Jay Wee

Models: Jasmine Moeirhofer & Fatima Rios of Mercator
Assistant styling: Pabby Dane De Mc Cuttac

Designers: Noel Crisostomo, Arnold Galang, Dave Ocampo
Brands: SM Department Store - Megamall, Forever21, Zara Rockwell, Topshop Rockwell, Stella Luna Rockwell.

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