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Slim's Pickings

The Iconic Terno that is 60 years of age, truly Slim's Materpiece in legacy. Read on...
2011 is great year for me, personally that is, one that I got a chance of working as regular stylist for Manila Bulletin Fashion (i) Section. Truly a blessings, and couldn't ask for more since styling for me is just an outlet, a theraphy, a hobby, an expression and a way that I would be able to exercise my creativity beyond my normal job. Miss my gym, and I'm gaining weights though :( Anyway, here are just some flashbacks of prep from the pulls to the shoot day with deary and my styling partner Aisa, my bessy!Bare that we feature Forver21 again, not because we are stockowner/stakeholder, or close to thier PR/Marketing, but, come on! They really got everything from fab accessories to all sorts of rtw pieces plus - hands down to thier PR/Marketing special mention to Ms. Athena, and Ms. Kathy who we always drag on rush pulls.
This is up-to-date the very challenging, huge production-shoot we have so far since we are shooting 2 concepts, 2 releases for 1 day, much I preferred this for my very demanding social life, errr, work.

Brainstorming, and conceptualization with Aisa. Actually, this shoot makes me obssessed on girl's shoes - super high, super sexy shoes.... OMG!

1st Concept, I named it PatriotiSLIMS, this is very timely for the upcoming Feb. 25, Edsa Rev celebration. I wanted to have a link between fashion and history for a release, plus I've been dreaming of featuring SLIM's collection. The concept is laid in a mood board* so as to create new artistry, and differ from what is already been done.

Mood board - type of poster design consist of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition of the choice of the stylist/creator. These are used to develop concepts and to communicate to other members of the team to illustrate visually the direction of style which they are pursuing. However, mood boards can also be used to visually explain a certain style, or an imaginary setting for a storyline.

Our make up artist, Lilian Yeung, had a snopshot of the piece of art! The hair was inspired from Chanel FW2010, and I'm kinda careful not to imitate nor to copy the Plains & Prints ads, and this is nailed by hair stylist Jay Wee.

Presenting Slim's Pickings: Couture, Pitched to patriotic, the 2 pages final release by Manila Bulletin Lifestyle - Fashion (i) section, dated Feb. 18, 2011.

Salvacion Lim Higgins, shortened to SLIMS, is a Filipino Designer who made clothing fashion forward, couture inspired, and modernized the Terno. She is my all time favorite Filipino designer to rock from 1950's even to her last collection in 1990's.

For closer look, check out the details below:
Haute 1: Just love this very modern, and very NOW! Liz Uy wears this with the black bolero that is part of the dress, but I didn't so as just to create a new perspective.

Haute 2: In famous Angel Aquino dress, from Slims last collection in 1990.

Haute 3: The kimono inspired with ethnic cummerbund belt! Genius!

Haute 4: I personally handpicked this, the contrast, colorblocking, very young approach!

Haute 5: This is from the tulip dress series, and I look at this instant Audrey Hepburn, why not?

Haute 6: Terno in lace... nude? Sexy.

Haute 7: The Zebra sequined top, and hot organza red-orange infamous dress.

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Makeup: Lilian Yeung
Hair: Jay Wee
Model: Fatima Rios at Mercator

Assistant Photography: Robyn Calma
Assistant Styling: Pabby Dane De Mc Cuttac

This is very liberating, truly inspiring shoot for me, that at last, I was able to pull off the shoot. This is a far-fetch wish, and dream and even up to now I'm still in awe for the marvelous pieces Slims created.

My sinceriest thank you to SLIM, and her family, especially Ms. Ester of Slim's Fashion and Arts School who are my direct link to to Mr. Mark Higgins, son of SLIM, who is very accomodating, my respect and thank you, Sir.

To Mau, Mercator, my humble thank you for helping me work the shoot with the right model.

To the team: I thank you guys for the vision, artistry, fun and love for work.

Forever 21: Megamall, Aranaz: Rockwell, Stella Luna: Rockwell,Zara: Rockwell, Janylin: Glorietta 5.

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