Friday, February 4

Hare Brained

The Bunny inspired concept was confirmed to me wayback my last shoot for the Manila Bulletin's Style Weekend, "Remain in Light". The shoot is sched on Jan. 21, which falls perfectly for the The Chinese Lunar (Year of the Metal Rabbit), thus I have at least 3 weeks to prepare. The pegs* were given to me after that week and no doubt I need some help and that's my bessy, Aisa Ipac came in. It's basically an editorial interpretation of a different bunny character in a very fashionable, and chic way, and oh don't forget the wearability and commercialism.

Peg - a designate or mark a certain look/s. A guide for a certain looks eg. hair, make up, poses, etc.

Day 1: After 3 days of plan, Pax and I started the pulls in Forever 21. Super thanks to Ms. Athena and Kathy for such an incredible accomodation.
While waiting for the inventory ;)
Day 2: We need to pull more, more, more is great! We are not really good in editing looks, we both agreed on that. We call it hoarding! Thanks to Ms. Ericka, Gaupo Shoe Couture, for always being so accomodating on my last minute pulls.
SM, F21, Aranaz, Gaupo Shoe Couture, Aldo Accessories check! It's so much fun doing pull outs with Pax, because even we're exhausted, we just laugh it out, and remind ourself to....Aja!
A mouthful dinner with Mitch and Pax ;)
The Execution! Pax and I are still discussing of the looks. Good thing we are so honest and open to each other to meet halfway....

Shoot, shoot, shoot! Behind the shoot: Keen eyes with Rxandy, and Caloy.
Jay Wee, Hair Stylist. Just nailed my hair pegs. Check out below my 3rd published work for Manila Bulletin News paper.
1st Page: Full page editorial
The Inspirations....
1. Sexy Bunny: Playboy bunny is the inspiration of this look, casual, sexy and cute!

2. Whimsical Bunny: Feathers, and furs... Pax's interpretation
3. Beatrix Potter Bunny: Beatrix is an author/illustrator who loves to draw bunny and putting them into a character. This era and her creation showcase Brittish landscape, rural lifestyle, and very prairie looks.
4. Metal Bunny: 2011 is a year of the metal bunny, and of course, we couldn't just miss this.
5. Easy Bunny: Let's get physical looks? Wrong! Energizer bunny that is... and going, and going....

6. Who framed Roger Rabbit? Bugs bunny! Obviously, its Jessica Rabbit in rockin' boots!
7. Posh Bunny: Glam, luxurious...
8. Foxy Bunny: Victorian, Alice in Wonderland inspired.
9. Haute Bunny: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! To die for!
10. Rogue Bunny: Naughty, and cool! Those lovely bunny ears were created for the shoot by Ana Gonzales, and Mong Amado - Group Hug! Thank you guys.
I have spent alot of thought on this shoot during the planning stage. Its also my first print collaboration with Pax, and I'm so glad she accepted this. I consider this the most challenging styling so far from pulls of RTW, brands, to the designers and it's not just fun all the time. It's a challenge and yet I'm so glad Pax and I commit on this shoot. Being with creative people, it gives me another level of inspiration and spirit to keep pushing.
Congratulations to the casts, and also for those who share thier creations, and masterpieces. Thank you and God bless!

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De McCuttac
Assistant Styling: Aisa Ipac
Hair: Jay Wee
Makeup: Katchie Mejias
Model: Ana Carolina Corado of Visage Models

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