Wednesday, April 27

Scorching Hot

Hail the 2nd installation of the Dusit shoot, where basically the main concept why we shoot several editorials for Manila Bulletin as our pre-summer offering. Summer is fast approaching and who would deny the scorching heat that truly needs every cooling system in place. Check this out and know why this is really a crazy shoot indeed... In medias res, let's start with the pull series. As my previous blog, Aisa and I split the 5 editorials, and requires an assistant for each shoot. Tatie, Aisa, with Mitch in Accessorize-G5.
Last day pull, Pax and I came all the way from Makati to Ortigas to check out potential killer heels and unique pieces we can use in the upcoming shoots.

Effect lang, and as usual, thanks Mitch for the photos.

Thanks to Ally, Gold Dot, for the... well, let me just keep you excited! Next frames will be the crime behind the scenes. Read on.

Hot Bruno and sexy Marie. Trivia: Marie actually won Bb. Pilipinas: Ms. World 2009, and also won the Best in Long Gown and Miss Photogenic plum contests during the pageant. Up close and personal, she's really a great person.

Pool Party: This is the start of the shoot, where I use 6 models with each has its own individual editorial. Crazy? Close, handling 6 models wardrobe at the same time and the creative direction, need to learn more.

Quick fixes before the black series dominates. The boxer trunks that cost me a fortune... Below, see the final layouts as seen on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Fashion Section, released last Saturday, April 16, 2011.

R-L: Luisa, Daniel, Marie, Bruno, Jasmine, and Rodel. Work it!

Dark Series. Trivia: Marie is wearing Psy Castro's black bikini.

Boho twist: The swimwear to die for.

Color Splash: Thanks to Unarosa in this. Marie is rockin' it!

Pale Fire: Love the teaming of this two thru color and hotness...

Ethnic Influence: First I intimidated Rodel that he's not fitting for the shoot, but hey, you judge!

Unreleased layout, only here!

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Hair: Jay Wee
Makeup: Louisse Dizon, Gery Penaso & Robyn Calma

Assistants: Pabby De Mc Cuttac & Ana Gonzales

Models: Marie Ann Umali, Luisa Beltran, Jasmine Maierhofer, Bruno Alves, and Rodel Felicidario at Mercator, and Daniel Marsh.

Location at Dusit Thani Hotel Makati, Pool Area


Very exciting shoots to come... clue? If Jlo is On the floor, and Kat De Luna is Dancing Tonight? Then what?



  1. galing naman jear! uy kailangan mo ng assistant? sabihan mo lang ako tey! hahaha :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. thanks melai, sure ill text agad pag meron pero mga mid June na