Saturday, April 9

Topman SS2011 PR

When I started doing fashion styling, I really wanted to do editorials for major brands and when came along TOPMAN, it was really a great experience for me, still in awe. Last January, Ms. Val of RSSI, sent me a CD of SS2011 Lookbook* of Topman and Topshop. Lookbooks are every stylist's bible for new collection of certain labels. When Ms Inez emailed me about the proposal, I didn't hesitate to take it, since I have trust on the brand and know I can have a greater contribution to it, and plus it's really SOMETHING that I truly wanting to do. The offer is an editorial shoot for the TOPMAN SS2011 Press Release in print.

Lookbook is a collection of photos, illustrating the newest collection of a certain label or brand. It also serves as a guide of how pieces were put together.

Check out the final page in The Philippine Star, M Section, released last March 30, 2011.
I submitted 4 concepts and they were interested in 2 of the concept and finally decided to push thru on the Soak Up Concept. Its a resort to beach ready wear, very comfortable outerwear and very tropical setting, applicable in our country, still emerging the Topman aesthetic.
The team composed of Mark, for the Grooming, Ms. Val, from the Marketing.Behind the scene of the 1st layout. Messing Duane's mane.
Mark is so cool, that make the shoot lively and with a hot encounter....
The Team is composed of BJ Pascual, one of the country's best photographer in our time, Marketing officers: Inez, and Val. The rest... just read on:
Inez invited me as well on the Garage-Topman Young Talents 2011 Party, and here's some of it.
Of course, I need to grab Pax, and Mitch, too bad Jp didn't make it :(
The party includes AVP of the Topman SS2011 collection, and a mini fashion show.
It also introduces the Young Talents of 2011, and don't forget the openbar for Margaritta, JC's way of course.
Take a closer look of the final layouts of TOPMAN SS2011 Press Release.
Thanks to Paul Guzman here for allowing to pull Topman shoes as well.

Writer's Choice!
The deal is supposed to be 5 layouts but I add 1, as usual, for options and for model and my portfolio as well. Plus, Duane just love this carrot skinny pants, what's with those?
The entire shoot is really a detox for me, though a little pressure since working with people who are really very talented. Marketing have been doing PR's so each timing is queued plus Bj is so genuinely creative, I say. Love the shoot, thank God, this project is offered to me. To God be the Glory.

Photography: Bj Pascual
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Grooming: Mark Qua
Model: Duane Stagoll of Reco

Special thanks to Ms. Val and Inez for the confidence in me, and to Paul Guzman, who have been supportive to all my shoes requirements. Photos courtesy of Inez Fernandez, and Aisa Ipac.


  1. Congrats to your success jear! I'm so proud of you! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Gosh, thank you so much Melai...