Wednesday, November 21

Bacolod Vacay: Episode 4: Huling Hirit

During my last 2 days stay in Bacolod, I definitely would want to go out and just spend time with the family.  Since, I haven't got my college transcript and diploma, I asked Shannelle, my niece to accompany me in Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod.  

The school entrance and some of the areas were renovated and improved :) Definitely, need to check the basic hangouts, and hotspots back then when I was in college...reminiscing....

Learning Resource Center - aka Library  :)
They got wi-fi na! Bongga! 
My Engineering Department :)  Before it used to be Technology Department because among engineering courses offered - ECE, CHEMEng, ELEC, and MECH, my course BS. Chemistry is the only non-engineering course included in the department :) Cool right! 
I was quite very ecstatic to see familiar faces and some of my profs were still there.  L-R. Mrs. Encabo our Algebra, Mrs. Jo our Dept Secretary, and Tatay, our acting Dean, during our time :) 

I wasn't able to meet Nanay Milay, my mentor, BS Chemistry head, professor in major chemistry subjects, since she's teaching in some school na, and got only 2 days left.  I probably see her next time. Miss you Nanay Milay :)

I went to CSA-B since they are the only college offering BS Chemisty in Negros Occidental, next is Silliman University which is in Negros Oriental, which is way too far for me.   After, finishing the clearance, paying all the payables.  I asked Shannelle we need some food tripping and off we go to Calea Lacson for some sweet retreat! 

 Quite surprised that the per slice costs around Php 85 only, and the cap is around Php 90.  To be safe, always ask for the bestsellers :) 

Ordered blueberry cheesecake, mudpie - amongst their bestsellers, and a cappuccino for me :) 

Cheesecake - little flat on the texture, I love the subtle sweetness, size is reasonable.  Rating 3/5.

Mudpie - love the sliced nuts, ice cream melts fast, texture and sweetness is ok. Rating 3/5.

Shannelle ordered frap with ice cream, talking about sweettooth right? 
I want try their cookie as well at Php 35, not bad at all. 

After some light meal, I told Shannelle she badly needed some hair cut.  We went to Robinson Bacolod and had some minor make over :) 
I want to eat something unique here in Bacolod, and it's not available in Manila thus we decided to eat in Chika-an.  A native resto speciallizing local delicacies :) 
Mom, and my niece Sunny meet us in Rob for a simple dinner :) 
Ordered their best sellers - rellenong bangus, and spicy shrimp, just want to rate it 2/5 :( I love their cucumber ice tea however very distinct taste but relaxing :) 
And since, there's still some Masskara displays along the hallways of the mall, we took some photo session with it :) 

UP NEXT! My mini-send off dinner with the family :) Last na promise :) 

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