Friday, February 17

Prince & Mod

One of the phototakers I'm so close with is Darrel Pobre, we used to call him Darz or D. This one day shoot, we pushed 4 eds - 3 from me, and 1 from bessy Aisa Ipac, super crazy right?

Advantage of doing several editorials (eds) in a day, 1. you save time & effort 2. maximize accessories/pulls 3. more releases but note that the quality of the shoot should not be affected since there is, and will always be a tendency to use the same accessories/styling tools in some parts. I want to feature 2 of our works here, so enjoy the photos, and bare with me on the late posts, but I do promise, no more pendings.

Feast on, I mean read on with Robson and Cianne:

1st Eds: Prince Prints - different patterns of prints.

I love Robson since he is very commercial appealing to the photos, but part of the Styling 101: attention to details. Flaws and all: Robson's leg is kinda wider thus carefull not hightlight it, PROFILE or CROP it!

D suggested to play around color background, and he chose yellow, why not? Boom! Perfect! Checkered tie in floral top.

Stripes and Horizontols.

2nd Eds: Hold Steady - inspired by the Mod trend for FW2011.

This is my second project with Cianne, 1st with Fashion Depot Magazine up and coming this March 2011.

Our first outdoor shoot together! Keep it up D!

Make up seems familiar? Guess where I took the inspiration?

Photography: Darrel Pobre

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Make Up: Rob: Joyce Seludo, Cianne: Katchie Mejias

Hair: Jay Wee

Styling Associate: Kristin & Pabby Dane

Models: Robson, Cianne of IM Agency

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