Thursday, February 23

ANTM: Claire Unabia-James

Last PFW 2010, I've heard that FilAm Claire Unabia from ANTM Cycle 10 is here in Manila to do some runway shows. I haven't noticed her and seems few people knows her with the limited exposure/stay here in the Phils. Until last PFW SS2012 show that CalCarrie's, Modelling Agency, send the model's setcard for me to choose for my upcoming shoot. I talked to Allan Costa of CalCarrie's, and it's so fast and they are so cool people to make things possible.

The shoot is set, the team is formed, and I called my bessy Aisa Ipac to do collaboration shoot, and she's so thrilled in the project. We wanted to make a couture shoot but mixing very RTW pieces with designers, a very casual couture as we agreed. With a very limited time and stay of Claire for the upcoming PFW shows, we have 3 days to pull off everything, and I mean everything.

Remember this? It's ANTM Cycle 10, and it's Claire! This is really one of the biggest & challenging eds that we needed an urgent help, where Keigh Jalbuena, Kristin Cornejo, Bianca Sing, and Ava Te were involved. We are so greatful, and euphoric for this since it's Claire afterall.

Sharing you the behind the scene from the shoot. Melai Entuna introduced us to The Mutual - Kim Camelo & Ilsa Malsi to do the BTS Video for us, isn't it huge already! Thanks alot guys!

Ava helping us the styling routines.

Dolled up!

Checking lights, angles, etc.

The very happy Curtain Call! I'm gigantic 159lbs overweight here. Lols!

Now, presenting our final layouts:

Photography: Darrel Pobre

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac & Aisa Ipac
Makeup: Joyce Platon Hair: Dave Grona

Styling assistants: Keigh Jalbuena, Dane De Mc Cuttac & Kristin Cornejo

Nails: Beauty & Butter

Model: Claire Unabia-James at CalCarrie’s
Location: Philippine School of Interior Design Graduate Exhibit

Aisa and I decided to split the editorials by 4 layouts per each, and here is my 4:

Aisa's Set:

For BTS Video and photos, you can check below links:

Vimeo Link:
Youtube Link:

I hugely would like to thank Manila Bulletin Fashion Section under our Fashion Editor Ms. Joyce Fernandez for really trusting, giving me a creative freedom and HUGE opportunity such as this. This only does not give me a powerful book but also the experience of how is it to be working with talented people. Again, thank you Manila Bulletin Fashion Section, and Ms. Joyce.

God bless and promise guys, I'll post pending in multiple themes so I can catch up with the latest ones.

Ciao Bellas!

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