Friday, April 6

Cold Front

I just love every collaboration with photographer Christine Lorico , the feel, the treatment, and how it conveys a story beyond fashion and marketing. Every shot has drama and never fail to blew me away. Tin always wanted to shoot out of town, thus I'm challenged to push this one since I want to make a different scenery and very advertorial one.

Booked IM Agency's Pedro Malogni, whom we need to return early because he has a final casting on Conzace TV ads. Argie Salango, my friend/stylist as well, actually been mentioning him to me, thus I'm curious how he actually do the H2T.

Of course, we have some hair/make up expert in one, Kaycee Lim. I just love her, she's so easy to work with and dig what I want. Plus, she always do the carpooling of the models, Lols! Tin introduced her to me, our first collab, and watchout for more, soon!
TRIVIA: This is my 2nd shoot over Balai Isabel, where I worked with TOPMAN SS2011 Press Release, with the famous Bj Pascual.

Tin usually do experiment shots on BW and does in between takes to make it very candid, natural, and sometimes in between frames made the difference, see what I'm talking about.

I tried to do smart pull here, where I just pulled Topman, Folded & Hung, and Springfield, in my quest to really streamline and to avoid overpull, a challenge where I usually failed, but in this case...hmm, let see.

This is just like 1 minute layout and our last. Had to mention, Balai Isabel is so huge, and didn't we know, there's a church, a huge lawn, a bigger pool, and a fishing area, alot of subject to consider. Plus, I really love the accommodation, and food! The staff is really AMAZING!

I just love this! A/X Ad Campaign huh, very advertorial effect.

As a stylist, I usually bring my shades, bracelets, everything, since who knows, I usually have some emergency styling changes.

Over the bay...

That's all folks... hope you love it!

Photography: Christine Day Lorico

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Grooming: Kaycee Lim

Model: Pedro of IM Agency

Location: Balai Club Isabel

Special thanks to Honey Tan of Balai Club Isabel, Talisay, Batangas.
For more information, call (02) 897 0229 or visit

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