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Diageo Summer Escapade 2012 Part 1 of 2

Good day! I'm so uber excited to share with you what goes down last April 24-25, 2012.  Enough of the fashion feature, and welcome to my otherside.  My regular work is in Diageo Philippines, as a chemist, our company had our Diageo Summer Luau Escapade and our last, in Palm Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas.  Check out the story and, WARNING: Photos overload!
It's a 3 hour ride from our plant in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and here's a quick snap shot of the location, paradise!  Watchout, my rating and some comments on the resort below as well. 
 There's a beach volley set, a cabana and a beach.  Pool on the extreme right, which I'll share some photos later.
 This is where we held our party, and our Day 2 breakfast.
 I kinda didn't like the beach, since it's not that white sand, and some rough rocks below it, but hey since it's free, plus the pool is great, choose pool instead!
We arrived at the place with complementary drinks, and a floral necklace, which I have sensitive skin and starting to itch, thus I made it a bracelet, so as not to offend the host (charrr!)  In fairview, cute un naka-brown, don't ask me I don't know him! Lols!
 As I already warned you, this is just day-one-camwhoring! More to come! Cheers!
Waiting for our check in, and our lunch, I need to switch glasses for Ker ker effect. Mga fans ko yan, wag na makulit! Hahaha
 The guy squeezing my manly boobs, oo si Bogs yan, may pagnanasa talaga sa akin yan! Chos lang! Oo, mga engineers kasama ko sa work, and hay, they are all married
 After the lunch, and checking in, we were assigned in different color teams, and here are my room mates! Jomel, me, Ken, and Patti :) Fashion Tip: If you are in company outing, like ours, who just loves color-based-team, wear white to be safe!
 Warm UP! We need to have a creative cheer for the team, and we called ours, Team Barney
1st Game: WET me! They need to wet the white shirt of the team mate using water guns and has to fill the container.  The team collects more water, wins! Siguro mga 3 hours nyo syang gagawin! Joke! Peace! Pero si Ken ha (with the mirrored aviator) tuwang tuwa? Malamang wla to ng kabataan nya! Lols!
Well, eto yun cute na sinasabi ko! Nag phone-in si Dani (colleague/QA), si Miguel daw yan. FINE!
 This is Dani, my co-team in QA during the charade game... well, the hot guy on her left, is I don't know as well, pero they are the event organizer of the games from Peoplesparx, sosyal namin diba! BOOM!  Pero, I KNOW, hubad kung hubad si kuya! Kuya IKAW na ang HOT! Ikaw na ang nagbibigay ng bagong kahulugan ng HOT! Ikaw na talaga!
Pero wait, ano to? Paki-explain Angie, from Finance team, may payables? Bakit may hawak talaga at bandang mag-hahair-throw pa? Hahaha joke Angie, LOVE YOU!
2nd game: Save your life!  Here are the rest of the teams - green, orange, yellow, blue, red and our's - Purps teams!  Our strategy is to win this, and sych each step.  Pero feeling ko na over strategized namin kaya...
Naiwan na kami ng other team! Bwahahaha!
Lumipat na lang kami ng other side para kunwari finish line na kami! hahahaha! Mandaraya! Excuse me, creative kaya un!
 3rd Game: Catch Me if you can! I just made it up.  Catch the watered-balloon, and team collected more un-burst balloon, wins.  
Since, creative ng yellow team, ginaya namin, binato namin pabalik un balloon hahaha, nambasa! The 4th Game is Movie (beach inspired) charade, and the last is the Amazing race, there's a pool underground search, kayaking race and need to capture fire breathing dragon, chosss! Mga gabi na kami natapos, joke lang ulit! Bwahahaha
In between games, Alec, our former Supply Director, took a team shots both formal and wacky! Here's our wacky version. 
This is the Amazing race, last game, need to find a Gold flakes underwater, chosss lang! Need to find a garland of each team's color, then run and counts number of steps in the stairs, then made a fire torch, then a round using a kayak, then back to the original point. 
Wait lang ha again, Melai and Archie, race to, sure kayo? Eh parang namamasyal lang kaya kayo dito! Lover's lagoon! 
 Final stop, the entire team needs to go back to the original point.  Look sino ang nahuli nakabag pa!
AKO! Naka slo-mo pa yan! Thanks Renwhick for such a gentleman! I thank you, Bow!

By the way, here are our imports for the party later on, our very own Hawaiin dancers! May Ganun! Charring! Omg, joke lang girls, I love you all! From Finance and IS teams - Arleen, Joy, Joan, Angie, Laarni, and Fey. 

Guys, sorry I need to cut this into 2 parts, subrang daming magandang pictures and story to tell.  This ends the Day 1 of our summer escapade, and how we close this! GROUP PICTURE!

All photos are courtesy of Alec, Dani, Dennnis, Phil, and Bong.

UP NEXT: Diageo Summer Escapade Day 2 - Night Party, Pool Poolan, and Departure!

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