Sunday, April 1

PFW Top 10 SS2012

For a record, I think this is the challenging shoot so far! Need to book oriental looking girls, given I almost give this up since my 1st choices weren't available. Different agencies already submitted thier model's card to me, yet I can't find the right models. Until I happen to come accross Cal Carries, booked Sam and Eri, and then Eriko from Yeoh. 3 Models in 10 layouts, in each layout is quite a challenge from poses, execution and to interpretation. I need support and stylist inputs, and this is thru a friend and great stylist Argie Salango.

In short, we enlisted this Top 10 PFW SS2012 designers based on innovation, creativity, orginality and of course marketability. Honestly, I was quite dropping this since right after PFW every pieces were either sold or pulled from other magazine shoots as well.

Luck, dedication, patience and great support from my ever reliable co-stylists Bianca Sing and Keigh Jalbuena made this shoot a success!

Check out our best picks:

1. Jot Losa
2. Regine Dulay

3. Ezra Santos

4. Louis Claparols

5. Veejay Floresca

6. Bo Parcon

7. Albert Andrada

8. Norman Noriega

9. Noel Crisostomo

10. Enrico Carado

It's beyond love, and thanks to the entire team who made this shoot so fab and fierce! Until next time!

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac & Argie Salango

Hair: Jacky Ladiero Pante & Katchie Mejias at L’Oreal Professionnel

Nails: Beauty & Butter

Models: Eriko Malabanan of Yeoh Models, Eri, and Sam of CalCarrie’s

Thanks again to Manila Bulletin Fashion Section Team, and to Ms. Joyce for supporting all my passion and contribution to the paper.

Next: My Vogue Inspired shoot!

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