Sunday, August 11

Edric Chen X Leo Cameo

Doing collaborations with different photographers, and any form of artists can be very exciting and surprisingly wonderful in almost every ways.  You can adopt to differences approach of art and interpretation and meet halfway in the form of another marvelous creation! Delicious right? 

Edric Chen is one I have a great respect in terms of photography, he's cool, easy and you can easily jive on his direction of the looks.  I still do test shoots sometimes because it give you creative freedom and can go whatever direction you wanted to. 

I just love Dianne Lorenza's creation and suggestion of different mess hair and the make up, divine!  

Check out the final layouts!

Uber thanks Kai (Seashells) Macabata for styling with me on the shoot! 

Fave shot!
Kai and I wanted to play around different leopard family print from digiprint to leo print.

Looks familiar, yeah, very SJP! 
Photography: Edric Chen
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associate: Kai Macabata
Hair/Make Up: Dianne Lorenza

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