Friday, August 2

Style Weekend X Dawn Zulueta

This project is quite really a surprise to me. Last March, I messaged Ms. Liza (EIC) of Style Weekend if I can submit a proposal shoot-concept to her, and she said yes.  One of the biggest trend of SS2013 was Ruffle Couture - huge ruffles, think of Flamenco, and very detailed waves.

During the Holy Week, Ms. Liza messaged me if I can style for Dawn Zulueta, of course, I say YES, but thinking the aftermath I'm about to go to Galera for Summer Vacay and every brands and designers were on rest or close, or contemplating on these days as well.  I love challenges and meeting beyond expectation thus I push harder on this!  I texted, emailed brands, and designers for pulls and some costume-made for this shoot.  

Check out the story as it unfolds in each photo!
The Cover: No Doubt! 2nd Layout, Dress by Chris Diaz of Myth

 Here the moodboard, from the trend, to hair and make up peg. I wanted the hair and make so clean since the wardrobes were the center piece and definitely Dawn's beauty is a sure divine, ethereal, classic beauty that I wanted to stand out as well.

Shoes from DAS, Primadonna, Forever21, to Zara

 I actually prepared 10 layouts meaning 10 changes for buffers, and options.  NOTE: Its always safe to have OPTIONS!
 Photographer Raymund Isaac raw photos! Isn't this perfect already?
Behind the scene during the shoot! 

I love this layout where there is coat on the back :) 

Good thing, I bought a Preview Magazine that month of May, and Preview feature a ruffle trend as well in a red to fuchsia to deep pink color in a fashion spread about environment issue.  Immediate reaction, of course I don't want to copy them since we got the same trend, thus I stick to the trend yet made a different approach on each layout, and since this is a mother's day issue, I wanted Dawn to have several look with the ruffle trend from being a Celebrity Mom, a working mom, casual-shopping day with kids and cocktail night dressing.

Check out what made in the print!  

Thanks alot Ronaldo Arnaldo for creating a piece for Dawn exclusively for this shoot.  Also, Philip Rodriguez from Cebu made one, unfortunately, some shipping issue, it didn't push through, but allowed Aisa Ipac to pull for it to be used by Zsa Zsa Padilla for ASAP, see below!

Another surprise is that, I was featured in the contributor page, though Ms. Clara, editorial assistant, requested a photo, but I never really expected this! Thanks alot SW Team!

Thanks to Carvey & Adly for the pulls and assisting as well.

Special thanks to Ms. Liza, Clara and to the rest of the SW Team

Cheers and until next post!

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