Sunday, October 20

Engagament Styling: Anna and Michael Nillo

I usually refuse Prenup shoot because 1. its cheesy, 2. boring, and 3. so traditional, but that was before when I was single! 

This is actually shot last year and I almost missed this, so much LOVE and PASSION of these two crazy love birds... We'll probably because I'm single that time when we are shooting but better late than never right?  Thing is, when I checked the photos I'm so engulfed by their affection with each other.

This is honestly my 1st Prenup or Engagement shoot, and I just love it! So thankful of Anna for booking me on this shoot, and sincerely to her friend so bad I missed out her name here, for recommending me to Anna.  Thank you so much guys!

  Check out the photos and story below.
 Like the typical prenup I wanted them to have a very casual chic look to a fashion editorial feel.
I prepped a Story board for them from the outfits to the hair and make up.

Our 1st to 2nd layout I want still to be relatable, casual, relaxed for them to be easy and get comfortable for the shoot, since afterall they are just real people and not models.

The 3rd to 4th set is injected with fashion, attitude and to have a feel of fashion editorial-ish type.  

One of the fave set where Mike played Christina Perri's song, A Thousand Years during the rooftop, sunset shoot.  It's so romantic, very lovely, and I truly got chills not because of Tagaytay's cool breeze but of these two passion, love and affection to each other (MAJOR GOOSEBUMPS!, Promise!).

I wish all the best of you Anna and Mike! Spread some love and inspirations, can't wait to see how your love story flourished over time!

Love you guys! God bless!

Photography: J Lucas Reyes

Hair & Makeup: Clarence Esposo

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Gowns: Joel Escober & Chris Diaz

Venue: Meteora Tagaytay

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  1. Love the second to the last photo! Mysterious and dreamy at the same time. :)