Tuesday, October 1

OOTD Series: Personal Style and Experiment

Fashion can be very exciting, moving and sometimes can be very controlling.  I love dressing up and playing - mix and match of my colored pants. Play around with layering, and yes through experiment, you'll definitely find your own personal style.  Believe me, the journey is not easy, but I say its quite fun and surprising!

I still remember this first OOTD shot by my ever patient and cool styling partner and my official photographer-friend Kaye Awatin of thestyleflux.blogspot.com

And yes its addicting, because 1.  you got to be photographed and act like a model-subject, 2. you got to find/see your angles and what's your better look 3.  you got to study or find your personal style and its evolution.

Colored pants is a cool way to play around since Im not a 'shorts' guy, thus I invest on the cheap but cool pants.  Not adventurous enough, start with dark colored pants - maroon, blue, and dark teal or dark green, beige and if still scared GRAY

Balanced bright colors, or too shocking for you with black or darker tones. 

When the utilitarian-military trend hits the runway! 

My arm candies obsession started here.  Unlike women, they have alot of accessories to play around - bracelets, earrings, rings, headpiece, belts, etc, but for me I found my comfort in bracelets! I cant really dictate you should do bracelets as well, you really have to try and experiment, by starting your fave fashionista, blogger, or editors.

NOTE: Personalized their look, apply something they have but put on your personal kick! 
Heavily and overly accessorized, not my hype! 

Printed pants, nah, just tried it! 

Pastels went wild for 2 seasons, and who cant resist them, they're cute, and cool in the eye! But again not my personal style.... speaking of taking chances.

My first on the tank tops

Check out below, even tried the K-pop inspired look

Coats, but sleeves roll up!

Few are just my fave looks and probably will stick to these looks....personal opinion as may I say.

 Just love small details in shirt, my 1st priority is COMFORT, that explains more the T shirt and less of the layering! 

Sometimes, personal style can be very comforting and can be extending.... like for now, I feel like I just want to wear more of the punk-rock-ensemble.
Photo by Darrel Pobre

Special Thanks to Kaye Awatin for all the photos except 1 as indicated.

Cheers! Up next - Sporty, Mannish, Fierce Editorial!


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