Sunday, April 27

Celebrity Mom New Sections!

 I am very pleased to share this editorial in collaboration with Celebrity Mom's Former EIC Ms Lacar since this is the 1st pages with the new concept and 1st release of the sections.  These sections are 1.) Fashion: 7-11, where Moms can have a 7 cool looks for a week using 11 pieces in their closet, and  2.) Fashion: Wardrobe, it suggests the current trend of the season and what mom's can be of use from different forms of market or budget mom can afford - designers, to rtw brands to top labels.

Disclaimer:  These are work-in-progress file and only released for more of the styling visual reference.  Final, official and correct credits can already be seen in the actual Celebrity Mom Feb Issue.

Take a look of the current Spring/Summer 2014 Trends Must-Haves!

Styling Team: Kaye Awatin, Gracie Millan, Klaudeen Cawili

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