Wednesday, April 23

FHM Dec 2013 Issue: Alice Dixson Cover

This is probably one of my most memorable and challenging styling experience and I couldn't be more proud of the risk, trust and love the team had put in it to make the shoot possible.

This shoot almost didn't push through, and its for FHM Dec Issue, yes, year-ender, thus a critical covershoot.  Prior to the photoshoot, we had a production meeting to talk about the agreed hair/make up and styling direction.  Pegs, poses, and hair-make up were presented and discussed. 

During the actual shoot, FHM Team, Doc Marlon, Ms Lana and I showed to Alice the agreed, hardcopy of the peg since she wasn't in the production meeting.  She was surprised that the photos shown are not what she actually approved.  Given the initial, approved peg is more of the edgy, fierce, glamazona to provocateur-ish, she actually leaning more of the soft, ethereal, very natural feel.

I freaked out because its totally different from what I pulled. Ms. Lana and I discussed the options, and Lana was able to pull some stuff and I was able to use what we had on our pulls that fall on the new peg, and even Doc Marlon offered his Stylist Closet for us to check.

We had another round of meeting on what we can do and if its ok with Alice to proceed with the shoot.  I am very overwhelmed and has another level of respect to Alice of taking a risk and being professional to the team despite the circumstances.  The team was able to do a very classy, sexy and yet tasteful output. 

Check out the final layouts and behind the scene photos from the shoot.

My Fave

Photography: Doc Marlon
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Assistants: Kaye Awatin, Gracie Millan, Aira Armonia
Make Up: Tin Alabano
Hair: Marben  Talanay

Of course, my fave as well! The Cover!

Trivia: MORE of firsts, my 1st with Doc Marlon, 1st cover with FHM, and my 1st with a delicate shoot! Nerve-racking right? But definitely worth it!

Prior to the shoot, Doc and I had a very thoughtful discussion of the Philippine Fashion and how amongst themes and editorials, sexy is the hardest, sensitive, challenging one because you can either go cheap or tasteful.  

Challenging in a way, for me, is that yes, its less of the clothing-accessorizing, but remember styling is not just about providing clothes, its about taste as well - proper clothing, accessories, and poses if needed, with the consideration of the branding of the magazine and its readers and market.

Candid Shots, LOVE! 

Special thanks to Doc Marlon, Ms Lana, Alice, and to the FHM Team for the trust in the styling team.

This is after the shoot, reviewing the shots! Photo grabbed from Alice's IG

Kudos Styling Team: Gracie Millan, Kaye Awatin, and Aira Armonia

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