Monday, August 18

Asian Dragon: Mod Review

I just love July, one probably is that I had several editorials and I owe it alot to the editors and publications who entrusted me with the job.  I can't wait for next month since it's gonna a celebrity overload... but for now, its a 60's Mod fashion from Aline skirt, Mod shift dress with a quirky approach.

I had to mention Gigi, aka Melu-Jeen for being a savior, stepping as a hairstylist for the day.

Check out the rest of the layouts below:
Sirene: Shoes, Jimmy Choo; Dress Noel Crisostomo R (all): Joel Escober of Myth; Shoes from Celine, SM Sucat Fashion Outlet; headband, Evita Peroni

Text: Francesca de la Cruz
Photographs: Ria Regino
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Assitants: Vince Abarra, Ipo Gonzales and Alfy Almonte
Makeup: Ria Aquino for MAC Cosmetics
Hairstyle: Melu-jeen Apostol
Models: Sirene & Nikolina at Ideal People
Songs by The Beatles
White Sequined top: Rosenthal Tee
Silk Skirt: Randy Ortiz of Myth
Shoes: Celine from SM Sucat Fashion Outlet

Ronaldo Arnaldo /  Joel Escober of Myth
Scarf, Hermes
Bag, Bulgari

All dress by Noel Crisostomo of Myth; Headband by Evita Peroni

Bag and Shoes, Jimmy Choo

Sirene: Black Dress, Randy Ortiz of Myth
Nikolina: Sequine dress as top, and black white skirt, Eric Delos Santos

All fine jewelries from Jewelmer Joaillerie, and Bulgari

Special thanks to Chesca, Fashion Editor and the rest of the AD Team for the continuous support and trust to the styling team.


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