Friday, August 22

MCA Music Album Covers

I just wish to include Music Album Cover and inner photo as part of my folio because its really very exciting, and also challenging to do projects as this since these will be in the Music Shelves forever!  The challenge also that it has to be a classic look that it won't look dated overtime or at our time, appropriate for the target market of the artist's music genre and importantly, its the artist personality as well.  

I owe this cover to the MCA People specially Sir Mark and Sam for the trust and unwavering support to the my styling team.  

Check out the artists and pick your music genre guys, all are available in all music bars, stores nationwide! 
 Let's support OPM!

Styling Team:
 Aisa Ipac, Klaudeen Cawili, Patrick Perez, Timmy Diagone, and Karen Abella.

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