Monday, August 25

BCWMH: Maya's Baby Book

Star Studio Magazine Team called me to style for a special magazine story ft. Be careful with my heart's cast.  Maya's baby book is a special feature and guidebook for pregnant and mom-to-be.  It also featured new and exclusive photos inside from the cast.  I love to do this kinda of project since as a stylist I believe I need to be exposed in different kind of styling as well, plus who doesn't love this kinda tv show? 

On  cover: Maya is wearing A/X Armani white ruffle detailed dress.

Left photo only: Luke is wearing blue sweater from Springfield and gray pants from River Island.  Maya in A/X Armani Gray stretch dress, Sir Chief in A/X Armani striped top and navy blue pants from River Island

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Assistants: Karen Abella, Patrick Perez, and Baron Solomon

Special thanks to Star Studio Team special mention to Ms Fatima and Ms Grace, Parfois, A/X Armani, Springfield and River Island. 

Thank you guys for always trusting the styling team for this huge project.

Until Next!  

The Voice Kids Charity Concert 

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